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2016 Singapore Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Grand Prix and All It’s Glory
By Jeremy Say The 2016 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix starts on the 16th of September for a three day main event full of fun and festivities. Since its inaugural race in 2008 with 110 million television viewers witnessing Fernando Alonso’s win, the Singapore GP has always brought in a capacity crowd of […]
Woman electrocuted to death while using charging phone
By Shazwan Zulkiffli A woman was electrocuted to death while she was making a call on her phone which was in the middle of charging at her home in Taman Desa Baiduri, Cheras. Kajang police deputy chief Supt Abdul Ghani Mohamad Ji said that she passed away during treatment at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical […]
We’re getting major Iron Man vibes from the new Power Rangers movie suits
Lionsgate Entertainment just released the first official images of the Power Rangers suits from the upcoming movie reboot of the beloved live action TV series. The new designs are sure to divide the fandom, as we get major Iron Man/New 52 Flash vibes from these new suits. Production designer Andrew Menzies (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) told […]
Voxpop: What The Youth Say About Bezza
By Shazwan Zulkiffli Behold! Perodua just upped their game by introducing their first ever sedan to the market.  With the introduction price that starts as low as RM37,300, the latest addition to the Perodua family looks set to become the popular choice among Malaysians especially among the youth, like its older brother and perennial Malaysian […]
Kes Hannah Yeoh: Mana Pergi Kebebasan Beragama?
By The Level Hanya beberapa bulan yang lalu, Indonesia digemparkan dengan kata kata Ahok, yang mempertahankan haknya sebagai rakyat Indonesia yang sepatutnya boleh dikatakan berbilang bangsa dan agama, untuk diundi pada pilihan raya. Tetapi, kerana beberapa pihak yang tak bertanggungjawab memainkan sentimen agama dalam politik untuk kepentingan sendiri dan parti, Ahok di hentam dan diboikot […]
Payung Teduh Live In Selangor: Untuk Semua Yang Dalam Pelukan
By Shazwan Zulkiffli Di waktu Malaysia sedang dilanda musim hujan yang banyak menyebabkan kesesakan lalu lintas dan kerja kerja di luar yang terpaksa ditangguhkan, kugiran folk-jazz dari Indonesia, Payung Teduh, turun ke Malaysia dari kesibukan kota Jakarta untuk mengubat hati hati yang terluka dan mengajak mereka untuk menikmati hujan daripada menyumpahnya seperti biasa. Acara Payung […]
REVIEW: Timberland Bradstreet Boat Shoe
By Muhammad Nabil Timberland brings back a timeless design incorporated with new tech that provides even more comfort than before, but unfortunately, it’s not without its downsides. The boat shoe design has been around ever since sailors of old needed shoes that would keep traction in less than ideal conditions. It’s footwear with deep roots […]
Mock the gov, face a three-year travel ban
By The Level and FREE MALAYSIA TODAY Comment section warriors and disgruntled Malaysians everywhere beware- posting that funny status update about our governments latest fail may get you that punishment we’ve always joked about, because you might be looking at a three-year travel ban overseas. According to an Immigration Department source, the ruling was enforced several months back as […]
10 Types of Creatives You’ll Find In The Klang Valley
By Hannah Azlan Generally, I like creatives. They’re fun people to be around. Working with them, however might be a completely different story. Being in this industry, you hear a lot of horror stories about bosses and colleagues. I’ve rounded up a couple of stereotypes that you might recognize: The Influencer Wannabe You know the […]
13 horror movies you should watch this Friday the 13th
By Matt Liew & Ziddy Matin In conjunction with Friday the 13th, we forced our resident horror movie aficionado Ziddy to curate a list of 13 horror movies that you should watch this Friday the 13th. Well, we didn’t exactly force him to do it, since he did it voluntarily. Being the horror-movie hipster that […]
Interview: Irfan from The Times
A couple of weeks ago, we got the chance to sit down with Irfan, the former drummer of the legendary Malaysian indie band, The Times. They once conquered the alternative airwaves with songs like “Dari Singapura Ke Kuala Lumpur”, “Gadisku Dalam Koma”, “Pesona Algebra”, “Lipstik” and many more, and till today, their fans are still […]
Mineski-Dota Is No Longer Pinoy under Mushi
By Jeremy Say Mineski-Dota announced that their whole team is being reformed from a purely Pinoy team, into an international one run by Mineski Malaysia CEO Yap ‘Kenchi’ Chee Loong. This means that the old Mineski we knew in the Kiev Major regional qualifiers no longer exists. It wasn’t like they performed badly either, they […]