By Jeremy Say

A local FIFA 16 player, Amirul “TI_AmTuah” Afandi, has recently posted publicly on social media about his distaste of the local eSports scene. He has said that with everything happening with Major All Stars (check out the drama and official statement here) and AGES 2016, that the local eSports scene will suffer if not perish all together. Something has to be done and everyone shouldn’t be quiet about it.

Celebration picture of Amirul Afandi at AGES 2016. Source;

Celebration picture of Amirul Afandi at AGES 2016. Source;

Amirul Afandi is the champion of the FIFA 16 Grand Finals tournament at AGES 2016, winning RM 34,400 for his skills and effort. Sadly the money in question is nowhere to be seen. It’s not just Amirul Afandi who’s having issues, other players and team managers have stated that every partner and organizer of AGES 2016 just keeps pointing their fingers at each other. There is even talk of the staff not being paid as well, and that is never a good sign.


Yamyam Villanueva Yui, Mineski’s Manager, has already posted about multiple attempts to contact the organizers who have not been very helpful. All they get is the standard, “contact the others”. So apparently we are back to being children in school who failed a group project and blame each other – no one wants to take responsibility or tell the truth. Many of the teams and players didn’t even get a response at all. All were just told to wait the 90 days for their money.




Earlier on we even had Muhammad “Flava” Farouq post this on Esports Malaysia (ESM) Facebook, which was shortly deleted soon after:



And this later on his own timeline:
Eventually we got this from ESM after the multitude of complaints from the public:


We even have multiple articles from Digital News Asia, Dota Blast, GameBraves as well as gamermalaya on the topic. No one is happy with the way things are turning out. The lack of transparency and responsibility doesn’t help put Malaysia eSports in a positive light for foreign and local teams/players, which is really a shame because we’ve been able to host amazing tournaments here thanks to regional participation. There is very little confidence in Malaysia at the moment and if the situation continues, we’ll only see our eSports scene stagnate if the big teams decide to stay away from Malaysian tournaments.

AGES 2016 has already posted this to try and dispel the onslaught of “where is the money” questions:

It is already the 20th of September – way past the 90 day period for disbursement of prizes, and there have yet to be any updates, notification or news on the subject. A sad sight indeed. If I have missed the announcement let me know, because I can’t find it anywhere at the time of writing.

We even have this post from E-Sukan for those interested on the list of winners of AGES 2016 and the amount owed:

And this from Esports Malaysia, who are looking to take action against Platinum Eden Sdn Bhd and their agent Friends Worldwide:



So really, what is going on? Speculations abound, but nothing can be confirmed or denied till someone goes public. All we know is that everyone is frustrated and tensions are starting to become high as this drags on. Especially with lack of formal or official announcements from any of those involved which could help foster some kind of understanding between the organizers and players, which is just how not to do your PR 101.

The eSports community needs to prove that we support our own scene and help the players, teams, and staff with this problem. Just liking and sharing posts or articles alone is enough to show that they have not been forgotten by the community, that we have their back!
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