Being able to customize your face is a blessing

…also not as painful or intrusive as plastic surgery.


Killing your enemies doesn’t get you arrested


…there are a variety of ways to do it.


Being sadistic is acceptable.


Pick your poison: electrocution, humiliation, drowning…


College is easy.

…classes go on for a month in-game and you have a degree!


‘Woo-hoo’ing is less messy than sex.

…no such thing as clean up!


You can achieve multiple life goals… in a day!

Get three promotions; get married and have children; build your dream home? All in the space of 24 (Sim) hours.


Children grow up so fast!


…they’ll be grown in no time.


Dream career? Easily achievable.

…being a journalist in The Sims is easier than being one in real life.


Goth kids can flirt with Death.



No money? Cheat codes.