By Hannah Azlan

Generally, I like creatives. They’re fun people to be around. Working with them, however might be a completely different story. Being in this industry, you hear a lot of horror stories about bosses and colleagues. I’ve rounded up a couple of stereotypes that you might recognize:

The Influencer Wannabe

You know the type. They’re running around asking people to take photos of them, or they’ve got the ‘Instagram boyfriend’ at their backs, taking carefully posed candids for their Instagram feed. They live their lives in front of a camera, hoping to break that 10K follower count.

“This Is My Day Job”

This job pays the bills, but you know – they really want you to know about their side hustle/passion project. Maybe they’re invested in making artisanal beard oil, or they’re really passionate about the novel they’re working on. Who knows. This job is just to tide them over until they make it big.

Lazada Malaysia

The Band Guy

Yeah, this is their job. They’re also in a band. They make real music, y’know? Often seen on the weekends with their guitar or spending their after hours in the studio or attending a gig. They may or may not have dyed hair, tattoos or other unconventional quirks to their appearance – but that’s a given in this industry.

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The Backseat Driver

They’re not from your department, but they have opinions about on how you do your job. Not fun.

“Wait, How Did You Get This Job”

They probably did comm because it was ‘an easy major’. You’re not actually sure what they do in your office – but they’re always leaving coffee cup rings on your desk. Use a coaster, thanks.

The Mad Men Wannabe

Location: Shiodome area of Tokyo

This is one sharp dresser: he’s always in the office with a blazer, despite the rest of us turning up in sweatpants. He probably has a bottle of whiskey stashed in his desk and insists on ordering an Old Fashioned at after work drinks. He may or may not have a beard and be a womanizer.

The Executive Junior Assistant Creative Director

Well, someone’s got control issues. He insists that everything needs to follow a specific direction, and he gets absolutely pedantic about it. Whether it’s the constant nitpicking or the stress you feel as he breathes down your neck, you better hope you’re not heading a project that he suggested.

The Photographer Wannabe

He thinks that owning a DSLR and downloading VSCO makes him a legitimate photographer. Whether he’s a good photographer is a completely different question.  

The Connection Curator

They don’t do a lot of work, but they’ve got all the connections. They know almost every industry icon, PR person or brand hookup you can think of. That’s probably why they were hired, right?

The Exhausted Intern

He’s under his desk at 10 am, after working through the night. You’re not sure how much caffeine he’s consumed, but he’s rocking back and forth hoping it gets better. May or may not have dark circles of varying severity, depending on how long he’s been doing this.