Gone are the kopitiam days and in with the urban millennial coffee shop craze. The coffee shop culture became a trend about two or three years ago and is still standing strong! I can’t help but notice more and more types of people coming in and out of it. Are you one of them or all of them?


  • Flat lay Freaks


Are people still giving damns about their Instagram feed? What’s more surprising is that they’re only here for the photos and not for the coffee!

Pretty sure we all still have that one friend (or two) who would always make us wait for them to take aesthetic flat lay photos of their meals. And some others would snap chat the so-called ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the masterpiece. It becomes a real production.

Lazada Malaysia


  • Mr Know-It-All


Lazada Indonesia

The ideal person who’d you ask for a coffee recommendation. Whether it’s comparing coffee beans or talking about the ideal milk temperature, we know the one perfectionist who’d always have something to say about these things. He or she would even order a customized drink – soy milk instead of skim, less sugar, more chocolate syrup. You know who you are.


  • Inspired Loner


Notice that person in the corner reading a book or a laptop, minding their own business? A coffee shop seems to be the perfect place to learn more about people and the city’s culture, making it easier to find inspiration for a person’s blog or book, whatever he or she might be working out on. And with the benefit of free Wi-Fi, you’d probably see this person every now and then sitting at their usual preferred corner.


  • The Lingerer



“Anything else for you?”
“Oh no, I’m here waiting for someone.”

What did we do to deserve friends with such amazing ‘malaysian timing’? Nothing wrong in being alone but holy, social anxiety attacks. You notice people staring at you wanting to you whether you’re gonna get bailed on or not. It’s actually quite entertaining and anticipating but nobody wants to go through that.


  • Non Judging Breakfast Club (NJBC)


Either it’s brunch on Sunday mornings or late night coffee on weekdays, their table would be filled with giggles and whispers. They’re basically the first group of people you see when you step into the coffee shop. These people would end their coffee session with selfies or photo opt with any artistic features that the coffee shop has.


  • The First Date


“Coffee, tea, or me?”

The discovering part of a relationship is usually the interesting part. Some people like to start it off with an awkward coffee (or tea) session. It’s pretty obvious to spot someone’s first awkward date. Or, y’know, a one-off Tinder date.


  • The Couple


You think we’d not notice? Both of you sharing the same coffeecup, playing footsies under the table, hands running over each other with intimate eye contact. We don’t want to be a buzzkill but please, get a room.


  • Family Tryout


We’d often see coffee shops surrounded by youngsters of our generation. But on some other days, you’d find yourself sitting beside a table of a group of families with babies crying and children running here and there. But hey, there’s no better time than now to show them what coffee culture is like, right?


  • Freelancer / Working Space


What better place to meet potential clients and pitching ideas? These people can be easily recognized by at least one laptop on the table with their funky gadgets and gizmos, up to two cups of coffees, and most importantly, FREE WiFi.


  • The Tea Drinker


Dragged by friends who are coffee addicts, they’re only here for conversations and well…. Tea. Coffee makes them puke and poop, we don’t blame them because it’s partially true. LOL.