By Marissa Dinar

Title’s pretty self explanatory, don’t you think? Raya jams equal all-time high tensions. If you get triggered from reading this list, don’t worry, you’re not losing it. That just means you’re sane. But If you read this and get offended, well that’s probably a sign that you’re probably the one who needs to Chill Chill out on the highway back to Terengganu, cause chances are you’re harshing everyone else’ chill.

The Emergency Lane Hog


God once said “Let there be lanes for emergencies.” And so it was. What God, or rather urban planners fussing over road works and highways didn’t plan to have were people abusing their well-intended lanes for their own selfish reasons. Dude, if all of us have to wait in line, YOU have to wait in line too. Especially during peak holiday seasons where accidents are quite unfortunately a dime a dozen, the emergency roads are a lifeline for first responders to get to the scene of accident, and transport patients to healthcare institutions as fast as they possibly can. Your Raya morning ketupats can wait, but a damaged heart or a bleeding brain can’t.

First Responder Opportunists

Lazada Malaysia

Continuing from the point above, this entry goes out to those who tail ambulances or police cars as a means to get clear paths within the blink of an eye. Can you just…. not? Eeee cepuk kang.

Drivers who honk every 5 seconds.

Lazada Indonesia

Just because the button’s there really doesn’t mean that you have to you know, press it. Calm that innate desire to jam your hand on that horn, because when you’re stuck in a jam and there’s always this one fella who’s honking every 5 seconds – which really is just infuriating for everyone. The worse part is that, it changes absolutely NOTHING. Perhaps, if everyone could coordinate their honks to the tune of “Balik Kampung” it would make a very good scene for a musical but until then, save your staccato beeps for other times.