Complete Your Dad Look With These

In conjunction with Fall, ASICS has released 2 new colours for the Gel-Diablo silhouette. The model now comes in full beige “Feather Grey,” and a two-tone monochrome colourway. Both colourways feature a suede upper, red heel tabs, and a speckled midsole.

While the dad look is still fresh in trend, and your dad bod is halfway there, complete your outfit with a pair of these for the full dad experience, ala Rich Chigga. Not only will you look like the ideal suburban dad, but you’ll gain an extra 10+ BBQ skill, +20 hambar Dad jokes, and an increased risk of major family embarrassment.

The shoes drop on the 15th of September for 155 USD, or approximately 651 RM, and will be available on online retailers, so lookout for sites like Size? or Footpatrol to stock them.

The Dadbag: A New Fanny Pack To Show The Man In You

Fashion has become weirder nowadays, since I guess everyone seems to want to be different in their own way when it comes to style. If you think a big belly’s a bad look for you, wait until you see this bag called the Dadbag. This bag was designed by London based art...
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Undefeated X Nike Air Max 97 release date announced

Releasing Worldwide This 21st September Peeks and leaked photos of the shoe have been surfacing for the past month of Undefeated’s collaboration with one of Nike’s famed Air Max models -  a sneaker that has seen a massive resurgence this year. Now, it has...
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NEW RELEASE: Pestle And Mortar’s Rose Tinted Glasses Collection

Get Ready To Return To Stress Free Days We all remember the times back when the days were worry free, and all you had to worry about was whether your mum would scream at you for staying up past your bedtime and school. Good times indeed. Those times are...
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Under The Microscope: The Nike Roshe

It’s no question that fashion taste differs from one person to another. What you like and value could be another person’s roast worthy material. There’s no universally accepted style to fall back upon, and sneakers are no exception to this game. Under The...
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Level With Me: KLFW – Reza Ramli Pt. 2

By Aida Rashid After 5 years of bringing the freshest fashion in KL to the big stage, KLFW has established it’s prominence and brand very well. But we asked what it would take to elevate it to whole new level, because complacency is dangerous and there’s...
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Level With Me x KLFW – Reza Ramli Pt. 1

By Aida Rashid When it comes to fashion shows, or particularly Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW), we always see coverage on the glamor — the runway, the glitz, the stage lights, but very little about the people behind it. So, The Level decided to meet...
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An Interview With Christophe Cann: Robinsons Celebrates 10 Years In Malaysia

Department stores are where it’s at, guys. With Robinsons celebrating a decade in Malaysia, they’ve announced their new expansion - a brand spankin’ new, 200,000 sq. ft. store in the upcoming Four Seasons Place that spans 4 floors. Robinsons, who opened their original...
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