Complete Your Dad Look With These

In conjunction with Fall, ASICS has released 2 new colours for the Gel-Diablo silhouette. The model now comes in full beige “Feather Grey,” and a two-tone monochrome colourway. Both colourways feature a suede upper, red heel tabs, and a speckled midsole.

While the dad look is still fresh in trend, and your dad bod is halfway there, complete your outfit with a pair of these for the full dad experience, ala Rich Chigga. Not only will you look like the ideal suburban dad, but you’ll gain an extra 10+ BBQ skill, +20 hambar Dad jokes, and an increased risk of major family embarrassment.

The shoes drop on the 15th of September for 155 USD, or approximately 651 RM, and will be available on online retailers, so lookout for sites like Size? or Footpatrol to stock them.

KAWS Follows Up With Black Air Suede Air Jordan 4s

I’ll say this right now to clear the air, I’m not a huge fan of Jordans in general. I only gravitate towards the Air Jordan 1s and 4s, and that’s about it. I’m very basic about this segment, sue me. However, one model that really caught my eye was the KAWS...
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Would You Wear This: Reebok Freestyle Hi UltraKnit

Well, Reebok has launched their Freestyle Hi Ultraknit in “chalk” and black. Supposedly a sock, sneaker and boot all in one, the base of the Freestyle Hi has a calf extension made from the brand’s own Ultraknit material. What? While admittedly not...
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Iconic Kpop Fashion Looks

By Yasmin Newman The kpop industry has influenced fashion in many ways. From TIME, kpop has depicted bizarre and daring outfits, outrageous makeup with their bold eyeliners and colour hair dye. These are usually seen among  kpop idols that have their way...
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Chanel And Adidas Equals Limited Release Human Race NMDs

There has been plenty of NMD Hu Trail news as Adidas and Pharrell have been pushing the silhouette out to much acclaim, until a fight broke out in KLCC and in other parts of the world where hypebeasts tried their best to get their hands on a pair, but no...
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Timberland’s Next Collab? Off-White

After 4 collaborations with The North Face, MADNESS, SOPHNET., Timberland is showing no signs of stopping, with a new collaboration coming in with luxury streetwear fashion house, Off-White. The partnership comes in the form of a reworked version of the...
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Malaysian Pro Skater Gets His First Vans Collaboration

It’s definitely not everyday a homegrown talent is plucked out and have a shoe made after him, but that’s exactly what happened when long-time pro skater, Pa’din Musa collaborated with Vans to come up with 2 silhouettes, namely the Old Skool Pro and...
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The Classic Resurgence: Top 10 Sneakers That Are Making A Comeback

The Comeback Of Vintage Designs Fashion, like music and other things, is a cyclical, and it’s especially prominent with sneakers. Supreme brought back the Nike Air Humara (First debuted in 1998) for its trail collaboration, and Adidas has been pushing 2...
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