By Yue Lynn

As announced recently on Twitter (of all places) by Atlus, Persona 5 will have its own anime series and it will be produced by A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online, Fairy Tale). Titled Persona 5: The Animation, it’s scheduled to debut some time in 2018. Touted as one of the most outstanding PS4 games of 2017, this gorgeous JRPG has wowed critics and gamers alike with its dope gameplay and dazzling visuals, thus making it a critical hit with nearly 2 million copies sold worldwide as of July this year.

Aside from the series announcement, Atlus remain misers with the good stuff as no other details regarding the anime were revealed. Fans are pretty much left hanging in the dark despite their initial excitement. Undoubtedly, Persona 5’s fan base will be rife with assumptions, speculations and expectations as chatter springs up like mushrooms after the rain due to the scarcity of information.

While everyone possesses their own persona(l) thoughts on what should or should not be featured in Persona 5’s anime series, we may share similar feelings towards certain aspects of the game in the hopes that these elements will be included in the anime.

Top-grade Visual Design

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As a fan-favourite in the landscape of best-looking games, Persona 5’s biggest draw is the eye-candy stylishness, something that can be appreciated by everyone whether you’ve played it or not. The game sure knows how to dial it up to 11 when it comes to making everything look marvellous in its signature anime-like style– from menu screens, animated cutscenes and location aesthetics to the character/Personas’ designs. The sense of style in Persona 5 is so recognisably distinctive that excluding it from the anime would be a barmy decision.

Complex cast of characters with depth

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Persona 5’s cohesive narrative offers each character time and opportunity to shine. Between character arcs and backstories, Persona 5 ain’t afraid of skeletons in the closet as it deep dives into a whirlpool of serious subject matters (suicide, sexual abuse and drugs among other things). Instead of having a bunch of average Joes and plain Janes, the game excels in creating fleshed out characters, each with their own personalities and quirks. That being said, it’s a well-known fact that each Phantom Thief (#bestgirl) has their own loyal fanbase in the Internet World. Thus, having a quality ensemble of characters is crucial for the anime’s success.

Captivating story

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Persona 5 puts the player in the competent shoes of our protagonist, who’s an ordinary quiz-answering high schooler by day and a crime-fighting vigilante by nightfall. As the story and time progress, the stakes are raised as our protagonist who founded the Phantom Thieves became more embroiled in the world of Personas and Palaces (dungeons). Between fighting psychological demons of shady adults and uncovering the secret motives behind characters, Persona 5 truly delivers a well-paced and engaging narrative. Whether or not the anime series could replicate the engrossing feel of the game’s plot would remain to be seen.

Amazing soundtrack

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It’s true that good things come in pairs because Persona 5’s visuals and soundtrack are a match made in heaven. With its overall jazzy and pop feel, the game’s soundtrack is catchy and epic without sounding stale. Songs likeWake Up, Get Up, Get Out There’, ‘Life Will Change’ and ‘Last Surprise are worthy of mentions. From hushed moments to exhilarating boss battles, Persona 5’s soundtrack has the right song for any scene. It would be a shame if the anime series failed to live up to the game’s fantastic OST.

A strong contender for 2017’s Game Of The Year, the outlandish but refreshing world of Persona 5 oozes charm and confidence, endearing itself to many players with its captivating story, unique gameplay mechanics and a diverse cast of characters. No doubt, Persona 5 is a magnificent gaming masterpiece in terms of both style and substance. As for the anime series? Well, the ball is in their court and in time, we will find out.