When I had a look at the Nasi Lemak dress, I thought damn, that’s some bold move by the designer. Brian Khoo (designer in question) was quoted saying that the inspiration behind the dress was to find something that every Malaysian can relate to. Painstakingly crafted with beads embroidered onto the ivory silk gown, finished off with fried egg, sambal, ikan bilis and some banana leaves, it truly is a one-of-a-kind dress, that was polarising to say the least to the eyes of netizens, but not to worry. We at The Level have come to your aid, cos if nasi lemak ain’t your jam, then we’ve got your back fam (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


Equally polarising when it comes to smell, the durian is the perfect substitute for the nasi lemak dress! Spiky outer texture as well as an accompanying “fragrant” scent signals that we’re out to get dominate the competition in all 5 senses. The King of Fruits has never been utilised in a more perfect way.


If not durian, why not Myvi? Malaysia’s best selling car adorns our model, complete with headlight chestpiece, flowing front fender frills on the dress, a Perodua pin and glasses, finished off with a Myvi wheel handbag. We’ve all had good and bad memories with Myvis, hell, even Luqman Podolski made a song out of it, thus making it a suitable choice for the competition.

Maggi Goreng

The mamak staple is reimagined. Think about it, you would be lying to yourself if you’ve never had Maggi goreng at least once during your late night mamak/after clubbing sessions, scarfing down one of these as the MSG dances with your tastebuds. Everyone’s go-to food deserves a chance in the international spotlight, don’t you agree?


We saw the banana leaf motifs on the back of the Nasi Lemak dress. A colleague of mine was busy eating satay. Connect two and two together and boom, Satay. Dress. Handcrafting 32 sticks of chicken satay, highlighted by satay kambing on the skirt, accentuated by the condiments to make create the upper. She’s gonna be sizzling down the runway in this dress.


Malaysia is has tons of great food. What some people may not know is just how good our local desserts are – from the elegance of kuih lapis to the seductive trickle of gula melaka on your cendol. This kuih lapis dress encapsulates just that. The water to your dehydration. The nectar to your thirst. You get the idea. Garnished with cendol like Venus rising from the carbohydrates of condensed milk, the dessert theme only sweetens the appeal of the dress.

Think you got better ideas than the above? Why not let us know in the comments below!

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