Don’t be sleeping on these now

Pantun Pins

Local pin makers Pantun will be coming down to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre this weekend, making pins influenced from local aesthetics and environments, to a more hypebeast affair in the shape of Air Yeezy pins and Comme Des Garcons Vapormax pins to a Sup(Ekor)reme Money Gun one. A personal favourite of mine is the Negaraku sheet music pin!


Bridging the gap between luxury and street fashion, Andfersand makes customised jewellery and accessories catered to pretty much whatever the consumer wants. Recently, they’ve adopted 3D printing technology, only furthering the ability for the customer to make their own jewellery. One of one. Nobody else is going to have what you have, and that’s pretty dope in my opinion.

Sneakers Spa

Like it or not, kicks get dirty over time. Your heel cage will scuff and your precious Boost will yellow over time, and Sneakers Spa has the ideal solution. Aside from the standard cleaning kit (which looks a bit like medical grade canisters), the company also sells midsole markers, for when they get yellow, just use the marker to cover up. Downside is, it’s always sold out. F*ck. Good news is, they’re stocking up for Sneakerlah, so get ‘em while they’re hot!


OBSCR is mostly inspired by sports; thus, they are coming up with streetwear with an athletic aesthetic. However, their new collection  is focused strictly  on athletic wear, under the ABSTRACT* series. Made out of breathable fabric and mesh, it’ll definitely give your Nike Dri Fit tights a run for your money.

Pestle And Mortar

The brand needs no introduction but we’re just putting it here for the sole purpose that they’re gonna announce something big at Sneakerlah tomorrow, potentially a collaboration with international streetwear brand, The Hundreds. No details have been out as of yet, but rest assured you’ll be hearing about it here first!

Level With Me: Set The Mood Right With MOOD

Varent talks about shoe cleaning, and why she brought this product to Malaysia Varent of MOOD Malaysia isn’t really a streetwear person. She doesn’t follow what happens around in the culture so much, only buying items that she likes and dresses how she...
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ESL One Genting 2018: First Malaysian Minor

ESL One is back to wow us this January 23-28 at the Arena of Stars in Resorts World Genting, Malaysia with ESL One Genting 2018. This will be the third official Minor tournament of the year and we will see double the number of world class teams this time...
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Level With Me: Hugh Koh on Pestle And Mortar, And The Hundreds

When the news broke out that Pestle Mortar Clothing (PMC) had created a capsule collection with The Hundreds to be announced at Sneakerlah, it shocked many, as to how PMC had managed to tie up with a famed streetwear company for a small (relatively so,...
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Sneakerlah: A Revelation

I get asked, what’s street culture to me? For the longest time I never delved into what it means, simply because I think streetwear is just as it is, another side of fashion, that appeals to mostly young people, and recently, punching in exorbitant price...
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All-Weather GORE-TEX Stan Smiths courtesy of Adidas

Style doesn't need to be sacrificed for function Adidas has blessed us with THE Stan Smith to trump all other basic Stan Smiths, the GORE-TEX edition, cladded in white nubuck upper. The insole has been relined with GORE-TEX material, giving additional...
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VANS X Mastermind JAPAN Release A Collaborative Collection

Finally, some Mastermind pieces you can afford (relatively) Mastermind Japan posted on instagram announcing a new collaboration with Vans Japan. The capsule collection is...
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Altimet will star in Ola Bola Musical alongside three new actors

The Big Boss will be taking the stage.

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