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By Shazwan Zulkiffli

Malaysian media are having the best few weeks after the cancerous 60 year old group of old men were brought down to the ground without a spill of blood. The police raids, the appointment of ministers, the amount of tea spilled about the previous government are all worthy to be beautifully documented in a form of a Netflix series.


If that possibility will ever see the light of day, here’s a list of potential directors to be considered for the top job:

Jose Padilha

Lazada Malaysia

If you’re a fan of Narcos, then you’re probably familiar with Jose Padilha’s work. Narcos is one of the first few Netflix series that managed to redefine how viewers watch these series’ by introducing longer screen time per episode. The first two seasons brought the life and times of the mighty Pablo Escobar to our small screens, and how the King of Medellin fell from grace. It’d be interesting to see Jose Padilha implement a similar angle to former Malaysian PM Najib Razak’s reign – and how the police force seize Birkin handbags and bags of cash from his residences.  

Lazada Indonesia


Chiu Keng Guan

Chiu Keng Guan is the director who brought you Ola Bola, a film that raised the bar for Malaysian filmmakers courtesy of Astro Shaw. You can rely on Chiu Keng Guan to deliver a cinematic experience – to bring out a visual presentation of Malaysia’s physical wonders and culture, like how Jose Padilha brought out Medellin without being stereotypical. Chiu’s storytelling abilities can be utilised to tell the glorious story of how the rakyat brought down the corrupt government and the aftermath of that fall.



Russo Brothers

It’s safe to say that the Russo Brothers can now be considered as a legendary pair in Hollywood after an impressive display of marrying the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy in one huge rodeo in Avengers: Infinity War. The Russos have also delved into television, with involvements in Community, Arrested Development and Happy Endings to name a few. If you want someone to build you a solid lore, these two are the best picks. After all, the biggest heist in history needs the biggest names to document it, no?


Dain Said

Award-winning director Dain Said has been a roll lately after his movie Dukun, that was banned due to sensitivity issues, was brought to life and shone in local cinemas a few months ago. Dukun, which was loosely based on Malaysia’s famous shaman, Monafandey, was unintentionally perceived as a horror film by many before local critics label it as a crime thriller, as it had less jump scares and more court scenes in the movie. With all these stories about the former first lady Rosmah Mansor and black magic, we would love to see Dain Said’s take in Malaysian politics – with all the censorship rules off the table.


Rian Johnson

Rian Johnson is responsible for the brutal end of everything we’ve known to love in Star Wars. Whether you’re satisfied with the ending of The Last Jedi or not, you have to admit that the director has made a great impact in Hollywood’s world-building scene, in which he helped engineer and smash it against the face of reality like no one’s business. Johnson is also famous for the famous ‘Fly’ episode of Breaking Bad, that cemented his name as one of the ones to look for in the television scene. Given what he’s done, we feel he would be perfect to balance an intense world of dirty politics with a bit of comedy without overdoing it and ruining the vibe.