By Yue Lynn  

Photo Credit: Publika

With a load of hype and expectations surrounding Publika Comic Play 2017, said event genuinely delivered the goods! Held from 14th ‘till 19th November at Publika, the giant geekfest hosted a wealth of geekery (featuring influences from the west, east and anything in between), thrilling visitors and geeks alike. One of the best parts about Publika Comic Play 2017 was the fact the whole thing is family-friendly so pretty much there’s something for anyone and everyone!

Without further ado, here are five things we truly enjoyed from Publika Comic Play 2017!

Games, Games & More Games! (Retro Game Section And Board Game & Gaming Lounge)

Photo Credit: Publika and The Level

Whether you’re into vintage, modern or tabletop games, there was an entire zone at The Gallery dedicated to the aforementioned games. There were a bunch of diverse and rad games for visitors to try out and who can ever say no to gaming? Plus, all of ‘em are most probably rated F for Fun!

Lazada Malaysia

Cosplay Galore (AniManGaki’s Cosplay Competition)

Photo Credit: Publika

You can’t really have a geek convention without the presence of cosplay! Also, these awesome cosplayers definitely added colour and coolness into people’s photo-taking and ‘swafotos’.

Lazada Indonesia

Original Works

Photo Credit: Publika and The Level

Yours truly is always happy to report that there were no shortage of original works of art from our local talent. #YASS #LocalRepresent

Lightsaber Lessons (Lightsaber Performance and School)

Photo Credit: Publika

Team Dark Side and Team Light Side pettiness side, future Jedis and Sith Lords were groomed side by side, taught with the ways of lightsaber handling, wielding and dueling! What a sight indeed.

Photo Credit: P. L. A. Y. Exhibition’s Facebook page and The Level

One of the highlights from Publika Comic Play 2017 was hands down, the P.L.A.Y. Exhibition. The exhibition featured a finely-curated selection of local and international artists’ artsy masterpieces and a few comic panels (pun intended). Therefore, it was no surprise that visitors’ responses were mostly positive! We want more!

More of all this in the future, please.

Okay? Okay.