By Shazwan Zulkiffli

Okay don’t freak out. We know you forgot Mother’s day but thankfully, the celebration will be on Sunday, so that means – you still have time to get your mother a gift and now wallow in guilt and sorrow for not splashing cash on a box of chocolates or two. We get it, everyone’s too busy to remember Mother’s Day (but at least we still treasure our mothers every day) and choosing the perfect gift can take some time. In the true spirit of last minute arrangements and the indecisive millennials that we all grew up to be (damn you variety!), we compiled a good list of last-minute Mother’s Day gift for mumsies.

Handmade cards

Handmade cards are the perfect express I-totally-forgot-about-Mother’s-Day gift. It’s heartwarming, simple, and most importantly it comes from you (literally). The best part is, it will still be considered cute if it’s ugly because let’s admit, not everyone can draw things nicely after a couple of years not holding a pencil. Who wouldn’t be happy to see you finally off Facebook and Twitter to write something on a piece of paper? I know your momma will.

Cover her favorite song

Mothers will be mothers – they’ll love anything you come out with at the very last minute as long as it isn’t too bad. Why not record a cover of you singing her favorite song? Maybe, Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton? The Carpenters, Bee Gees, or any Air Supply songs? But you can only do this if:

Lazada Malaysia
  1. You can sing well
  2. You can play guitar, or knows someone who can help you with the music
  3. Anything but Wonderwall

Traditionally-modern cakes

Yes, and I’m talking about cakes like the authentic durian cake, pulut hitam, or even Jalan Tiung’s famous rose cake that tastes like an excellent cup of Sirap Bandung. Not only will your mother be amazed at how innovative hipster bakes nowadays are, you will also send them on a bit of throwback to their old days – but in cake form. Traditional-modern cakes are the best for mums, just not the nasi lemak one because that one is nasty.

Lazada Indonesia

Love 18 @ Mini Munchies

Local chocolatiers Love 18 will be conducting a huge giveaway this Saturday, 13th May 2017 in conjunction with the opening of Mini Munchies, a new candy store in Atria Shopping Gallery! The first 50 customers to visit the newly opened store will receive a box of Beautiful Life bonbons for free, and to celebrate Mother’s Day, there will be a special two-for-one deal for Love 18 chocolates.

Date: May 13th, 2017

Time: 11am – 4pm

Where: Mini Munchies, 3rd Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya

Admission: Free

Tea at Majestic Hotel

Don’t have the luxury of time to grabbing thoughtful gift for your mother? Then make sure you’re free that Sunday by booking some seats at Majestic Hotel’s Orchid Observatory. This may be a big deal for your mother because spending time with you at a fancy natural orchid-scented courtyard isn’t too much to ask for anymore. Order the tea set, and you’re good to go for a wholesome evening with your mother.