By Adani Bakhtiar

The festive season is just around the corner, and we know there’s always something else you need to do to get ready for the visiting – and the feasting. Here are some local Raya products and designs that you’ll definitely want to consider spending some money on! After a month of Ramadan, we think it’s pretty okay for you to spend your money on pretty things!

Here’s what we say YES to:


DIDA Cosmetics recently collaborated with Malaysia’s renowned fashion label, Mimpikita.

DIDA’s Velvet Matte Lip Cream (VMLP) is pretty plush for a matte. In this collaboration, they’ve came out with FOUR new colours that suit Mimpikita’s Lebaran Collection. It doesn’t dry out the lips and you don’t have to worry much about reapplying it! Think of all the food you can eat and still have your lips looking good!  

Available in 2 colours in each box.

Lazada Malaysia

Purple Box: ELENA and IRIS

Green Box: ZENIA and DELIA

Lazada Indonesia

Available at: and

  1. KHATAM – Akar Top in Medallion Mustard

We’re not encouraging you to dress your brothers or husbands, but in case they haven’t made any decisions on Raya wear – KHATAM makes this top in several designs and colours. You’re welcome.  

Available at:

  1. ALIA B. – The Bell-Shaped Kurung With Sakura Lace in Sand

Alia Bastamam outdid herself again – This Ready-To-Wear (RTW) piece is simply elegant and perfect for your upcoming open houses.

But remember not to bring it back to your Kampung, the piece’s double lining will make you sweat – Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Nevertheless, you can always repeat this piece for other events, like weddings or formal dinners!

Available in THREE colours: Black, Sand and Pink.

Available at:

  1. AZURE BEADED SANDAL IN GREEN (Nelissa Hilman x Mimpikita)

Looking for the perfect footwear for your open house crawl? Check out this other collaboration with Mimpikita!

Nelissa Hilman is known for her sophisticated craftsmanship and this sandal is designed for comfort! This green satin-ed creation plays with vibrant colours and classy embellishments, and will definitely give you that elegance and grace you’d want for Raya!

Available at: , and in

Nelissa Hilman’s Pop Up Store in Bangsar Village II.

  1. KHOON HOOI – Maryam Lace Kurung Set

Khoon Hooi hasn’t failed us yet – we’re always in love with his designs. The Maryam Lace Kurung Set comes in a soft pink and gives off some oh-so feminine vibes. Use this for a seriously ayu look.

Available at: