Some girls can’t be alone, they need a boyfriend, someone to be by their side or someone to comfort them during sadness. Cuddling in the warmth embrace of a loving man, snuggling together during rainy days or just a walk in the park while eating ice-cream. Ah, such a beautiful dream. No worries my lonely friends! I have a great plan – let’s play otome games! For anyone who is new to otome games, you are welcome to tag along. The word otome means girl in Japanese, if translated literally it means girl games or female-centred games. Otome games attract females to their games which mostly revolves around the female player developing romantic relationships with the characters in the game. Okay, let’s get started!


#5 Mystic Messenger

Source: MyAnimeList

By: Cheritz

System: IOS/Android

Theme: Mystery

This is a highly popular game among otome gamers since its release in 2016 by Korean developers Cheritz. The game revolves around a girl (you), downloaded a mysterious app that leads her to an apartment which belongs to Rika, founder of RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association), a two-faced association which hold mysteries you’ll slowly uncover later in the game. Along the journey, she’ll encounter a few characters that will change her life. What makes the game to the list is because more mysteries will be revealed each time you finish a character’s route. With each character’s route, you’ll get to experience each of the character’s personal traits.


#4 Nameless: The One Thing You Must Recall

By: Cheritz

System: PC

Theme: Supernatural/Drama

Another beautiful game by Cheritz which will make your heart aches and eyes swell. The game unfolds the story of a girl named Eri, who loves to collect ball-jointed dolls. When her grandparents passed away, her grief and loneliness caused her to collect more of such dolls until one day, five of her dolls came to life as good-looking men.


#3 Otome Game: Ghost Love Story

By: Hanabi Media

System: IOS/Android

Theme: Supernatural

This is another interesting game to play where your first love, Kyle, passed away at the age of 16 but returned back to you as ghost. Now, the decision is in your hands to decide whether to move forward or to once more take part in the past you’ve lost. In that process itself, you’ll find few characters to interact with and they’ll take part in some of the decisions you’ll make. One of the character that you’ll encounter is Vincent, your strict boss in your workplace. Maybe there is something else beyond his stern self.


#2 Code: Realize

By: Aksys Games

System: PSVita

Theme: Steampunk/Old English

The game begins with the story of a girl named Cardia Beckford who is ‘imprisoned’ in her own home and she is not allowed to go out and fall in love (her father’s orders) as her body contains a dangerous poison which melts things/objects when her skin touches them. When her father goes missing, she is about the get captured by the army but a character in the game manages to rescue her just in time. If steampunk and English-themed time era is your favourite, this one is perfect for you!


#1 Collar X Malice

Source: DualShockers

By: Aksys Games

System: PSVita

Theme: Mystery

This game starts with a police officer (you) that works in Shinjuku, Japan. She is suddenly attacked by mysterious individuals and someone attached a collar on her neck which contained poison – not letting her escape. Along the line, she will unfold the truth of the tragic incident that had happened in the city, called the ‘X-Day Incident’. This games consists of multiple route with mysteries embed in every one of them. What’s different about this game is about the main protagonist (you), a strong woman who is a police officer who later will unravel the truths.


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