We all know how New Year’s Resolutions work by now. You’ve got the best of intentions, make your resolution, stick to it for a week – and then life gets in the way.

Truth is, though, it’s always good to have goals in mind when you make your New Year’s Resolution! Even if you fall off your resolution, keeping an eye on what you wanted to accomplish will give you motivation to maybe reach your goal – given a little determination and some willpower. Here are 5 resolutions every Malaysian millennial should make this 2018!

  1. Explore Your Backyard

We see you scrolling through your Instagram timeline, secretly pretending you didn’t see your friend’s posts from the top of Bukit Broga posted 3 hours ago at 8am. Look, we aren’t going to pretend that we’ve been up Broga a ton of times, but that hike is a great example of the amazing sights and experiences available just off the beaten trail here in Malaysia.

If you’re looking for a weekend escape, glamping is shaping up to be the new big thing, and there are beautiful glamping sites popping up in pristine locations throughout the Malaysian rainforests like the minimalist grandeur of Sekeping Serendah, or even take a break with some friends at the simple wholesomeness of Rumah Kebun, or maybe go on a photography tour throughout KL to see the lesser known sights of our capital city!

However you choose to spend your weekends, there’ll always be something new to discover in your own backyard.

Lazada Malaysia

2. Discover New Music

Lazada Indonesia

Image courtesy of The Bee, Publika

Turn off that radio station and hit up The Bee at Publika or Merdekarya in PJ Old Town to discover Malaysia’s thriving indie music scene, or keep an eye out on Jin Hackman’s Facebook Page for the next Raising The Bar to check out the freshest Malaysian rap and hip-hop.

Whether you’re checking out Kyoto Protocol or Airliftz, you can guarantee yourself a night of entertainment, and you might just find that new artist you’ve been waiting to add to your daily rotation. If you don’t feel like facing a crowd, music streaming services like Spotify actually have a huge selection of local tracks to enjoy. Put your player on shuffle and explore a Malaysia you might not have known about!

3. Switch Off

Our phones are part of our lives even more than ever with the advent of social media – it’s where we get most of our news. You’re probably reading this on your smartphone right now!

However, constant exposure to social media isn’t necessarily the healthiest thing in the world. From influencers who promote FOMO (fear of missing out) to the pressure for your next post to be worth a ‘like’ from your friends, we worry way too much about social media than is good for us.

Turn off that smartphone and disconnect from the social media world for a bit. You might find that after the withdrawal shakes stop, you’ll feel better than ever. If you need help, there’s even an app for getting started with your social media detox! 

4. Get Involved

If 2017 was the year of getting ‘woke’ then 2018’s the year to do something about it! There are tons of efforts around town that could always use the helping hand, and what better way to spend a weekend than by helping out? Whether you’re passionate about the less fortunate, the environment, or perhaps helping tutor children who need it most, you can always find a place that needs your help.

Volunteering may not be the most glamorous of resolutions, but will probably the most fulfilling one you ever make. Along with helping those who need it the most, you’ll also be helping the hardworking hands who run these programs week in week out without expecting more than a thank you, and maybe they’ll be able to do more good with you around.

5. Join a Gym

We’re big supporters of body positivity, but we’re also big on taking care of yourself! Fitness and health are two things you can work at regardless of your fitness level or habits – you just need to grit your teeth and do it for you.

Everybody’s got different preferences when it comes to exercise – some people prefer group workouts, others just want their gym buddy, and the rest just want to plug earphones in and grind. Modern gyms like CHi Fitness are spread out throughout the Klang Valley, and cater for all kinds – equipped with traditional isolation machines as well as Crossfit equipment for the hardcore, you can take your own pace and make your way to your ideal fitness level.

Group classes like the popular BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT are also available for those looking to sweat and have fun, and the positive vibes will surely keep you going even as the trainer turns up the intensity! If you’re looking for a real burn however, CHi Fitness’ new signature GRID class offers a fun, functional, and more importantly, challenging group work out accompanied by only the littest music.

Speaking of music, dance classes are also available with the Cardio Dance and Sh’Bam classes – so if grunting away at the weights isn’t your cup of tea, check out the class times over at CHi Fitness’ website and plan your first foray into the world of dance exercise!

Whatever your poison, you can bet you can find it while working out at CHi Fitness.


Tempted to give it a shot? With this CHi Fitness’ VIP Pass, gym goers can enjoy 24 hours of quality fitness at any club, in any class, for free. Get started on those 2018 goals at this link!

Find out more about CHi Fitness’ classes and membership deals here:

Website: CHi Fitness

Facebook: CHi Fitness Facebook page

Instagram: CHi Fitness Instagram

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