Tomorrow, New York’s grittiest will come together for Netflix’s biggest superhero team up so far, featuring The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, The Sworn Enemy of K’unLun, Harlem’s Hero, and the Knightress. But before you pass them as just another superhero team up, here’s five exciting things to expect from the first ever Netflix’s The Defenders miniseries:


Heroes For Hire


In the comics, Luke Cage and Iron Fist started a superhuman firm called ‘Heroes For Hire’, to make their services available – at a price. Previously on Luke Cage’s own series on Netflix, Luke dropped some Heroes for Hire Easter eggs by saying that he ‘isn’t for hire’ after being asked about his expertise, and since Luke will be unemployed after Pop’s Barber’s out of business, it will come by as no surprise if Luke opens shop. With Matt Murdock’s Nelson and Murdock in shambles, it’s not impossible to see another firm taking it’s place.

Elektra and Punisher


As we know, Elektra was killed during the second season of Daredevil. But obviously, they’re not going to just kill a fan-favorite character after one impressive season, and in typical Marvel fashion – they’re going to bring her back one way or another, as hinted at the end of the season. Elektra will most likely come back and lead the Hand against The Defenders, but it won’t be complete if the good guys won’t summon their cavalry, in the form of a one man army: The Punisher. Frank Castle disappeared in the final episode of Daredevil season 2 and after an amazing season with the Devil plus a confirmed standalone series being filmed, Punisher’s appearance in the miniseries is highly likely but an Elektra vs The Punisher showdown? Now that’s something worth waiting for.

Infinity War references

Marvel’s Netflix universe has never shy about being part of the MCU. Repeated mentions of the New York fiasco that occured during The Avengers, or the people of New York call it, ‘The Incident’, though they rarely speak about it, as if it was an unresolved trauma, or a taboo. Even in Luke Cage, Wu Tang Clan member Method Man mentions ‘Iron Man’ in his Luke Cage tribute song to compare Harlem’s hero with the Avengers’ head honcho. But mixing something as cosmic as Infinity War with the Netflix universe doesn’t seem like a good idea. Fans enjoy the realism and grit of Harlem and Hell’s Kitchen where superhuman grunts with humanistic weaknesses protect the streets and putting Thanos in the picture seems rather out of place, though we’re not writing it off.


Spider-Man references

Spider-Man returned to the MCU with a few bangs, jabs, and trucks of cash for both Marvel and Sony. Now confirmed for Infinity War, Spidey is glued to Marvel and their projects for at least a decade. Since Peter Parker swings around the streets of New York on a daily basis, I don’t see why he wouldn’t pass by Harlem or Hell’s Kitchen, or even the Rand Tower. Spidey will definitely add a bit of spice in the all-serious-all-epic-crime-fighting squad that is The Defenders, and maybe, just maybe save their asses from the Hand or other forces of evil this time.

We don’t think Tom Holland’s part of the budget, but we can dream, right?


Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ romance

The one problem that I had whilst watching Luke Cage, was that he didn’t seem truly affected by leaving Jessica. I mean, yes, he found out that Jessica was somehow involved in the murder of his wife later in their relationship and he may be more pissed than sorry, but after all the bed-cracking love-making, there’s got to be a bit of stardust left between them right? After all, name me a better couple, I’ll wait.