By Yue Lynn –

The recently concluded New York Comic Con (NYCC) was a pop culture blast, whetting eager fans’ appetite for geek and pop culture shenanigans. On top of that, a slew of AAA movie and TV show trailers are always released during the convention. Fortunately, the trailers this year certainly did not disappoint, so we rounded up FIVE trailers that got us hyped for their movies at NYCC!


Oh, hey, Superman finally made an appearance in a Justice League trailer! And there’s Wonder Woman and her gang of super friends! Much hype, not that wow; but because this is the Justice League we’re talking about, it does deserve a spot on our list.


Can’t wait for this one to drop in our cinemas!The Jaegers seem to have been given enhancements, and more monsters abound! Also… Finn had swap out his stormtrooper uniform for a Jaeger unit. Now, that’s what I called “character development”!


Among all the superhero-ish TV shows that have debuted and would be debuting soon, this is the one I look forward to watching the most! FYI, Marvel has also recently released an ongoing Runaways comic, written by Rainbow Rowell and drawn by Kris Anka.


John Krasinski as Jack Ryan? Hell yes.


Sci-fi, human cloning, thriller, stereotypical plot tragedy, typical manpain, androids/robots, tech jargon, man trying to play God, a lot of science stuff and Keanu Reeves will be featured in this film, me thinkey.

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By Yue Lynn - The recently concluded New York Comic Con (NYCC) was a pop culture blast, whetting eager fans’ appetite for geek and pop culture shenanigans. On top of that, a slew of AAA movie and TV show trailers are always released during the convention....
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