By Yue Lynn

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Whether you’re an adult or a lil tween, the holiday season applies to all. Also, gaming in the gaming world never stops regardless of whatever season the Earth is rotating in, am I right? So when we combine ‘holiday season’ with ‘video games’, we get an amalgamation of dry pockets, spending spree and happy gamer feels. You’re probably thinking, “you don’t say, buddy” but be rest assured that I got your back. This is because each of the following indie games (AAA titles are not the only type of games in existence, mind you) are all under RM40 so your pockets won’t hurt too much, I sincerely hope!

Also, I decided to make a list of six games because ‘a list of five’ is too mainstream. #MicDrop

If you enjoy playing Firewatch and Gone Home, this one would be up right up your alley. Peppered with glowing reviews, What Remains of Edith Finch is a story of a cursed multi-generational family, wherein you will learn how each family members succumb to their unfortunate deaths throughout your playthrough.

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Between rowdy AAA games and DOTA 2 marathons, there are certain games out there that caters specifically to destroying humanity and Plague Inc: Evolved is one of such games. This game literally needs you to create a deadly plague to wipe out the human race. And the best part? You can name your own plague with whatever gnarly term you want! Imagine naming your plague, ‘Nasi Lemak Apocalypse’…

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Tacoma is proudly brought to your screens by the creators of Gone Home. In this quality indie sci-fi game, you’re playing as an AI Communications Specialist who is tasked to investigate an abandoned space station called Tacoma by combing through the ship crews’ recordings of their last days on said station and piece together what happened to them.

For some of us, final exams have just passed by, so what better way to be lazy than by playing a fictional mortician? Yes, I know for some, morticians and death are taboo subjects but this game is not scary nor explicit in any detail. While it may come off as a wee bit morbid, A Mortician’s Tale is one of those rare games whose gameplay could actually teach you a thing or two about what happens in the ‘death industry’.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator (UEBS) is a sandbox game whereby you “create massive battles with absolutely no limits.” For better or worse, this game went viral earlier this year because it’s stupidly entertaining and boring at the same time (I think we humans, are like that too). Also, it’s dumb and amusing to see a large number of penguins fight a bunch of medieval soldiers.

You are playing as the leader of a village cult in The Shrouded Isle, so the game literally requires you to shrewdly micro-manage your cult (choosing which unlucky bumpkin to sacrifice, winning favours from clans, sniffing out sinners and what not) and appeasing Chernobog. All in a day’s work for a cult leader!