By Jeremy Say

Every year, Valve holds Dota 2’s TI, one of, if not the biggest esports tournament in the world. Bringing fans and players from all over the globe, this pretty much is the World Cup for the most played game on Steam and cybercafes all over the Klang Valley. With TI7 coming to a close with Team Liquid’s comeback win of the tournament, here is a list of 7 highlights from the seventh edition of The International.

1. Team Liquid are your champions of TI7, a come-from-behind win hard-earned after battling through the lower bracket to defeat Newbee in a complete sweep at the Grand Finals. Now the new holders of the Aegis, they take home 44% of the prize pool – USD 10,862,683 or MYR 46,676,948. It was also satisfying to see Kuroky eliminating Puppey’s Team Secret.2. TI7 has once again proven Dota 2’s popularity with a crowd funded prize pool of USD 24,550,148 or MYR 105,491,986. This is the largest overall esports prize pool to date and I wish I could stop buying Compendiums for it.
3. Malaysian Tue ‘ah fu’ Soon Chuan played for LGD.Forever Young which placed third at TI7. As one of the only four Malaysian representatives, he takes home a slice of USD 2,592,231 or MYR 11,138,816. The question is, will we ever have a fully Malaysian team hold the Aegis?

4. Sean ‘Day9’ Plott makes an appearance as the host of TI7. A famous Starcraft player from the old days, he has been a caster and content creator for many different games and esports. So other than being Mr. Positivity and full of charisma, is it possible he was brought in for another reason? He does have a history with Blizzard’s Hearthstone.

5. Valve through Day9’s announcement teased a new card game for 2018 called Artifact. The only vague descriptions so far suggest that the game would involve building lanes filled with creeps and barracks. Based on Dota 2 and perhaps featuring other characters from Valve’s flagship games, this might be a true online trading card game. RIP Steam Wallet, hello Steam Community Market.

6. Two new heroes are to be released in the upcoming Dueling Fates patch. We have the much-rumored faerie Sylph and the Musketeer/Zorro-like Pangolin. All we know is prepare to have every queue spammed with these heroes and a lot of noobs. Perhaps you should try out the All Random or Single Draft modes.



7. Not only has no one player ever won TI twice, but it has also alternated between a Chinese team and a Western team each year. Team Liquid continues this tradition by defeating Newbee. Dang, I should have called my friend’s wagers. Maybe then I’d have a little taste of that MYR 46,676,948 prize.

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