[Update 11:30 AM – 13 September, 2017] The iPhone X is the one that costs 999 USD, while iPhone 8 costs 699 USD and 799 USD for the iPhone 8 Plus. You can find out more here.


The iPhone 8 has been rumored to cost 1,000 USD, which approximately comes down to about 4,200 MYR. So now it’s potentially going to be the most expensive base model phone on the market this year, and most of us in the office are unwilling to spend so much on a phone. I personally wouldn’t recommend any phone that expensive unless you’re a power user with money to spare. So why not spend it on something that would bring more joy than owning an Apple product post-Steve Jobs? Here is a short list from around the office on what we would rather buy.

Dell Inspiron 15: RRP RM 3,699.00

  1. A gaming desktop or laptop
    1. You can grab yourself a decent gaming laptop with a Nvidia 1050 or 1050 TI graphics card
    2. For desktops you can easily get an Nvidia 1060 or a AMD RX570

      The PS4 Pro. RRP RM1799

  2. A full console experience
    1. Sony Playstation PS4 PRO 1TB
    2. A 4k gaming monitor
    3. Extra controllers to play with friends to lay the smack down
    4. A few games


      Image courtesy of the Japan National Tourism Organization

  3. A trip to Japan for a week, Weebos UNITE!
    1. 3 star hotel
    2. With enough money to eat comfortable and shop
      1. Of course we are talking normal things, nothing super fancy every day. (Assume you’ll need about 1000 – 1500 yen a day or so for travel and food)


        Image courtesy of Chris B. via Wikimedia

  4. Watch Foo Fighters in Bangkok + Flight + Accommodation + Food 3 times over


    iPhone 6S

  5. An older iPhone model that is more reasonable like the 6s and a random robotic vacuum/Roomba to attach the phone for kicks

  6. Buy jewelry for mom or a significant other to show how much I appreciate them

  7. An adorable Husky puppy or a super super fluffy Samoyed + a personal air conditioner unit. Can’t let the poor things overheat in Malaysian weather

  8. A cat plus accessories, and perhaps some boots while we are at it?

So would you buy a ridiculously expensive phone that you probably don’t need or use most of the features on a daily basis? What would you spend your 4.2K in cash on?

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