by A.Akbar


Surf Vampires

Spearheaded by Adrian, who  now resides in Nilai due to his studies, Surf Vampires is a proper shoegaze outfit who can truly bring out the good parts of Lo-fi music. Their newly released debut album, Girls, Cats, Grass and Other Stories features breezy songs suited for reminiscing like ‘Shudder’, ‘Moonchild (What You Want)’, and a splash of Bruneian flavor in ‘Lush’. Quality shoegaze with top notch bedroom recording, what’s there to complain?

Lazada Malaysia


Lazada Indonesia

Consists of Aizat, Aizzah, Zaem and Jazly, Bipolaroidz is also a shoegaze setup from Brunei. Their album Highly Anxious Crippling contains some of the Asia’s finest new age dream pop hooks you’ll hear, that surprisingly came from someone’s bedroom. Even though the frontman Aizat is living in the UK most of the time, the band is still active in producing music and rumor has it, that Bipolaroidz might come to KL for a show or two.

Tropical Hornbills

Tropical Hornbills is a breath of fresh air in the Borneon scene. Structured to be folk, Tropical Hornbills decorated their songs with warm, tropical-sounding effects to make you feel proud of your heritage. ‘Rumahku’ is our personal favorite, an ode to home in the most comforting of ways.


Subsonic Eye

                      Photo by Christopher Sim

Beneath all the Sam Willows and Gentle Bones, lies a scene of colorful indie musicians who are musically on the same level as Singapore’s brightest stars. Subsonic Eye emerged as the brighter ones by miles, and if their streak continues, Asia is there for the taking. Vibrant and cunning, Subsonic Eye reminds the Lo-fi scene how proper recording quality can serve justice to your sonorous choruses.

The Pinholes

The Pinholes is that ball of sunshine that hovers on Sentosa Island to give you pop yeh yeh experience that’s guaranteed to be worthwhile. The band has been crafting smiles for years with their hit ‘Sunshine’ alongside an Aidilfitri song, but their recent album shows that The Pinholes is bigger than 2 hit wonders. ‘Renungan Manja’ and ‘Bintang Rok N Roll Mu’ are sublime, but their collaboration with Takahara Suiko in ‘Kembali’ is a different beast altogether. Oh, you dingle dingle lang, don’t make this end!


Originally called Take Two, M1LDL1FE lights up SG with a much more mature sound. Though it almost feels like Paddy and the gang hit the reset button with a new style, the band instilled the same experience and flair they’ve earned since their Take Two days, but with a sharper hook. ‘Distraction’’s music video showcases the best of Singapore, as Singapore gives birth to the best that they’ve had so far.


Mondo Gascaro

Originally an important member of Sore, Mondo Gascaro chose to turn in a new leaf and go solo. So far, Mondo has successfully reclaim the hearts of his fans with his solo material, namely ‘Dan Bila’ dan ‘Lamunan Ombak’. Mondo Gascaro’s freedom in making music is by far an ingenious thing, allowing Mondo to perform beyond the restrictions of the band. We’re excited for more stuff soon.

Emir Hermono

If you’re familiar with alextbh, you might have heard his edit of Emir Hermono’s ‘3AM In Jakarta’ with Nayaka. In Indonesia, Emir is a big hit in the contemporary R&B scene. Currently staying in Malaysia, Emir has a significantly large fan base here as he mingles with local comrades playing the same genre. Other than his hits, Emir also just released a music video called ‘Let Go’ ft Daaliah, setting a bar high for budding R&B artists to reach.


SISITIPSI has been around for quite some time, but due to the saturation of the Indonesian indie scene, the magic of SISITIPSI was only discovered by the masses a few years ago after releasing a cheeky song about leisure alcohol consumption called ‘Alkohol’. Beyond that, SISITIPSI has adventurously dabbled with the arts of jazz, soaking it with indie flavors to suit the youthful ears and palates.


by Maruxa Lynd Make way for the hip – hop royalty cause they’re destined to conquer the chart with their collaborative album  ‘Everything Is Love” . The unstoppable power couple Beyoncé and Jay – Z a.k.a The Carters have recently released their new album...

Albert Hammond Jr rocked The Bee, Kuala Lumpur!

by Aida Rashid Albert Hammond Jr was in town on 18th of July for a one night only exclusive performance for U Mobile customers, a pre-show for the upcoming Good Vibes Festival (GVF) in Genting this 21 to 22 July, of which U Mobile is the official telco...

AHM X Jameson presents Irish Whiskey: Girl Power

by Aida Rashid An Honest Mistake in collaboration with The Bee is back with another party with the good people of Jameson Irish Whiskey! Jointly organised with the students of IACT as part of a dope project, the popular Girl Power gig is back to bring you...

Help keep Khizanat Hall alive!

by Aida Rashid Khizanat Hall is a small indie community hall located in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The owners have been providing a platform for indie artists, locally and internationally, to showcase their talents. Aside from that, they have also organised...

The Definitive Good Vibes Festival 2018 Playlist

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Best Malaysian Songs in 2018 So Far

By Aida Rashid Ego by Margasatwa Margasatwa’s Ego is apparently only a curtain-raiser to their upcoming album where vocalist Kimal gets to flex his Zainal Abidin-like pipes on the band’s debut release....

Borak Good Vibes with Zamaera

by Shazwan Zulkiffli Good Vibes Festival is just around the corner and we got the chance to talk to one of the best rappers around, Zamaera, at her hometown Subang Jaya about her humble beginnings, career, and performing at Good Vibes Festival.  Ze: Hi...

Yung Raja hits Malaysian shores with ‘Mustafa’

by Maruxa Lynd We might be divided by our borders and our never–ending comparisons but hip-hop has always brought Malaysia and Singapore together . Hip-hop fans across these two nations have been supporting each other’s back since the rise of stars like...

The Rudean brings us back to the 60s with ‘Bulan’

by Aida Rashid Indie rock band The Rudean is back with a single called ‘Bulan’, complete with a classic touch of ‘malam pesta muda mudi’ and a rock ’n’ roll vibe surrounding it. The song starts off with a melodic reverence for the moon, followed by the...

Adam Zainal’s Kantoi Shows The Gruesome Reality of Malaysian High Schools

By Shazwan Zulkiffli For some of us, high school was the time of our lives. We didn’t have to worry about rent, coming to work everyday or filing your taxes, but for quite a few of us, high school was a black hole of bad or at least, embarassing memories...

It’s Coming Home: Nastia #KembaliINDIE at ATAS by Bijan Fx

by Aida Rashid Nastia, known for their track ‘Rapuh’ that has 700, 000 views on YouTube, is back with a special homecoming show this weekend, 14th July 2018. The show is tagged #kembaliINDIE indicates their return to the current local independent scene...

Vocalist of Margasatwa Needs Funds for his Daughter’s Surgery

By Muhammad Salihin Known as the frontman of Margasatwa, Kimal or Akmal Akim got hit with a barrier when he found out his daughter, Puspa, was recently diagnosed with ventricular septal defect (VSD).   Having just turned 7 months, young Puspa must go into...

IT’S THE SHIP Singapore 2018 features Big Shaq, Cash Cash, Showtek and Darude

by Aida Rashid IT’S THE SHIP is back for it’s 5th year sailing the open seas as they announce the official 2018 lineup and ship captain for the Phuket-bound voyage from Singapore that’s happening this 4th to 7th November! IT’S THE SHIP has always been the...

New Kyoto Protocol Song ‘Delta Wing’ Is An Alternative Rock Masterpiece

By Aida Rashid Kyoto Protocol’s Delta Wing, their latest single, sounds like the first time you discover the gates to indie rock music that keep you coming back for more. It is simple, straightforward yet gripping and addictive song — almost like the...


by Maruxa Lynd   The wait is finally over as ‘ Scorpion’, the fifth studio album by the king of OVO , Drake was released on June 29th . Consisting of 25 tracks as a double –disk album (there’s side A and side B ,my guy) , the album has already proved a...