by Norain F

WARNING: Spoiler alert!

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with depleting resources where hypersensitive hearing extraterrestrial creatures hunt humans to the brink of extinction, ‘A Quiet Place’ may seem a little cliché at first. But for someone who has never starred in a horror movie, much less directed one, John Krasinski has certainly astonished film critics and horror movie enthusiasts alike, garnering $71 million after just a few days of release. Also starring in the movie is John Krasinski’s real-life wife, Emily Blunt, who plays an expectant mother just a few days away from her due date. The film takes on a theme that almost everyone can relate to: parenthood and family love (while also fighting off monsters after giving birth).

There’s a reason as to why the film is so terrifyingly good: it relies heavily on visual storytelling. In other words, it toys with your senses by amplifying one over the other. It tells the story of a family of four living in silence in a desolate wasteland and it’s perfectly visualised in a way that requires very little dialogue. The story focuses on the couple’s struggles to protect their children after losing their youngest one to the creature. Conflict begins to arise when their deaf daughter, Regan continues to blame herself for the death of her younger brother as a result of turning on the toy rocket. And it doesn’t just stop there, Emily Blunt’s portrayal of an expectant mother living in a world where pregnancy and childbirth is deemed almost impossible is incredibly amazing. The bulk of “A Quiet Place” takes place over a year later, when the mother, Evelyn (Emily Blunt) is already at the final stage of her pregnancy. The situation becomes increasingly harrowing when the pain of her labour intensifies as she retreats into the basement. She accidentally stepped on a nail protruding out of the basement’s stairs and drops her family portrait on the floor, alerting one of the creature.

After narrowly avoiding another attack from creatures, Evelyn warns her husband and their son, Marcus, by changing the exterior lights of their farmhouse from white to red. Marcus was instructed by his father to create a diversion by setting off fireworks to mask the sound of Evelyn’s screams. The movie continues to descend into a spiral of chaos when Evelyn goes into labour, using every ounce of her strength to contain the excruciating pain that she feels. The movie further intensifies when both of their children, Regan and Marcus, fell into the silo, where they were attacked by the creature.

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I was mostly impressed with Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s portrayal as parents living in a post-apocalyptic world where they have to struggle to ensure the survival of their children. When almost 50% of the movie is in silence and done without dialogues, it really lets the talent of these actors shine through, especially Milicent Simmonds, who plays the couple’s eldest deaf daughter, who’s also hearing-impaired in real life.

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I wouldn’t want to tell you the rest because that would just ruin the fun. Or the horror. But what I can say is the movie will have you questioning: Is it possible for mankind to live in silence?

The movie wasn’t perfect but it is undeniably impressive especially for a first-time horror movie director. I would say the movie is a relatively short movie and the ending could use some work but everything else was spot on.