By A. Akbar & Matt Liew

It’s hard times for AC/DC fans around the world, as the band’s long-time frontman Brian Johnson has been warned that he is on the verge of going deaf.

The band posted a statement on their website, saying that doctors have advised Johnson to stop touring immediately or “risk total hearing loss”.

However, the band have said that they would likely perform with a guest vocalist in rescheduled shows much later this year, with rumours that Brian Johnson might just call it quits for real. The lingering question that remains is who will be hired for the dirty deed (and will it be dirt cheap)?

Fans of AC/DC are desperate to say goodbye and good riddance to bad luck, having already lost co-founder Malcolm Young to dementia and long-time drummer Phil Rudd being convicted for drug possession and murder threats.

Will AC/DC finally throw in the towel?

Lazada Malaysia