By Hannah Azlan

Our generation is defined by a color, and that color is Millennial Pink. Named for its capacity to define a generation, this strangely androgynous balance of profound and petty is selling things like hotcakes and doesn’t seem to be going away. Of course, contrary to the stereotypically masculine aversion to pink – this color is appearing on both genders, and thus this week’s edition of The Aesthetic is dedicated to things men and women could use.


Some of us are beginning to move into – or already have moved into – our own places. Add a touch of pink to that with these candles that promise to smell like a blossoming apple orchard. For a more floral take, try these – while you can get the scent of peppermint candy or more gender neutral options here or here.

Universal Nicole Vase


Lazada Malaysia

This two-toned vase is an excellent accent piece around the home, whether you choose to display flowers in them or not. You might want to call up Happy Bunch and order an arrangement?

Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen

Lazada Indonesia


Brush lettering is picking up as a hobby, and this pen is a great way to start off. It’s also RM4.90. Other options include the Pilot Fude-Makase or the Sakura Koi Coloring Pens.  

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT

Cherry blossoms are appreciated for their delicate and fleeting beauty, but you can bring that home with you with a few sprays of this perfume. Try the whole range, since The Body Shop is on sale.

Topman Washed Stucco Pink Twill Shirt

You can wear pink too. Did you know that pink was once designated as a male color for infants? Girls can borrow from the boys (as we always have), and wear this as a dress.

Glossier Haloscope

The predecessor to Millennial Pink was Pantone’s Rose Quartz, and Glossier’s Haloscope is infused with actual rose quartz. Glossier is also the It Girl brand of the moment, and you guessed it – their packaging is pink. Don’t worry about the shipping restrictions – that’s what forwarding addresses are for.