By Jeremy Say & Matt Liew

It was a painful 3 hour long wait for a rescheduled game, which saw Malaysian national team Orange.Taring, consisting of Byron Syeonix” Young Meng Keen, Ng “YamateH” Wei Poong, Law “nj” Chee Hoong, Chua “Ice” Chee Cai, and Sim ling” Woi Cheong facing off against Singaporean team Kingdom, consisting of Sim leehongki” Maw Chai,  Leow FiXeRs” Chen Kai, and team captain Jaryl Youmu Konpaku”  Quek Wee Yuan, as well as two players whose real name’s we couldn’t find: asdzxcand “ALL MIGHT”.

While the wait was long, it was absolutely worth it – if for nothing more than YamateH’s Shadow Fiend Aghanim’s shenanigans.

Radiant – Kingdom Dire – Orange.Taring (1st Pick)
Ursa_iconleehongki (Ursa) Faceless_Void_iconSyeonix (Faceless Void)
Puck_iconFiXeRs (Puck) Shadow_Fiend_iconYamateH (Shadow Fiend)
Dark_Seer_iconasdzxc (Dark Seer) Queen_of_Pain_iconnj (Queen of Pain)
Spirit_Breaker_iconYoumu Konpaku (Spirit Breaker) Witch_Doctor_iconIce (Witch Doctor)
Jakiro_iconALL MIGHT (Jakiro) Doom_Bringer_iconling (Doom)


Detailed match stats can be found here:

With Kingdom drafting both a Dark Seer and a Spirit Breaker, they made it quite clear that they wanted to go for very, very early aggression against Orange.Taring. We weren’t disappointed, as a major fight for the first bounty runes of the game left asdzxc’s Dark Seer as first blood, and Ice’s Witch Doctor as collateral, with Dark Seer netting a revenge kill through the Ion Shell he casted on Spirit Breaker.

Lazada Malaysia

As both team went back to their lanes, things did not calm down at all, with 7 kills on the board before the 4 minute mark – 3 for Kingdom and 4 for Orange.Taring. This meant very little space was being given to leehongki’s Ursa, and he was easily bullied by nj’s Queen of Pain out of lane and straight into the jungle. This led to Orange.Taring being able to take Roshan and the Aegis – usually the focal point of any draft with an Ursa in it, – for themselves at the 24 minute mark, denying Kingdom’s Ursa his coveted prize.

With the game looking to go the way of Orange.Taring. YamateH once again purchased an Aghanim’s Scepter at the 28 minute mark. Orange.Taring’s lead was further cemented with the next Roshan going their way yet again at the 34 minute mark. This trend continued as Kingdom make more and more unforced errors, such as Dark Seer whiffing his Vacuum-Wall combo – not catching anyone on Orange.Taring’s side.

Lazada Indonesia

By the 45th minute, with the 3rd Roshan down and both Aegis and Cheese in hand, Orange.Taring began their siege on Kingdom’s barracks. It didn’t take long, as within two minutes Orange.Taring leveled Kingdom’s barracks and base – achieving Mega Creeps. This, however, didn’t break Kingdom’s spirit as they continued to fight. What did start to break them finally was FiXeRs’ Puck getting caught off guard by YamateH on his signature Shadow Fiend.

Annoyed at their opponents reluctance to concede a game that was so clearly over, Orange.Taring committed the ultimate act of disrespect to their opponents, and began fountain diving – attacking them in the safety of their own fountain. YamateH purchased a Refresher Orb on his Shadow Fiend for this specific purpose – casting his hero’s ultimate, Requiem of Souls, once just outside Kingdom’s fountain before blinking in, activating the Refresher Orb, and casting Requiem of Souls a second time.

Kingdom held on till the very end, and finally tapped out at the 50 minute mark, calling GG.