by Shazwan Zulkiffli

Music For Cars by The 1975

The 1975  cemented their place in the indie rock hierarchy when their second record I Love It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of remedied with contemporary music fans worldwide. That record is one beast to beat, but we are confident that Matt Healy is able to come up with something as tragic and heartbreaking as his previous works – or better.

Combat Sports by The Vaccines

Once lauded as one of the best alternative bands during the Britpop decline, The Vaccines impressed with back to back hit albums What Do You Expect From The Vaccines and Come of Age. Sadly, their last album English Graffiti didn’t live up to the hype that the previous two promised, but after releasing two Come of Age-sounding singles in ‘I Can’t Quit’ and ‘Nightclub’, The Vaccines are back at putting fans at the edge of their seats.

TBA by Arctic Monkeys

There’s three types of Arctic Monkeys fans: pre-AM fans, AM fans, and fans who can enjoy both eras without making a fuss. Regardless of the obvious split in their fanbase, news that the Coolest Monkeys in the Arctic will be coming back with a new album excites us all. Will they bring their ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’ sound back? Maybe more of coffee shop rock n roll like AM? Or will Alex Turner break his own heart again and write something like ‘Suck It And See?’ We’ll know very soon.

Mitsubishi Macchiato by Vampire Weekend

It’s been 5 years since our favorite campus Vampires released a record suitable for our daily commute. Speaking of commute, this time Vampire Weekend might just bring a Mitsubishi to the show. In the wake of Rostam Batmanjig’s departure, Ezra Koenig has announced that they’re busy conjuring something in the Vampire lair somewhere, and the only thing that’s certain is that it will be called Mitsubishi Macchiato.

Boarding House Reach by Jack White

Lazaretto helped Jack White reached heights he has never been before with The White Stripes/ The Dead Weather/ The Raconteurs, but he has gone to space and beyond to produce his new album, Boarding House Reach. If you put aside ‘Connected by Love’, Jack White has gone full on bass and bongos for this new album, that has divided his fans. But let’s be a bit positive, because Jack never disappoints right?

Little Dark Age by MGMT

The most celebrated duo in 2007 has returned with new material, starting with the ‘Little Dark Age’. But from the two new songs, what we’re sure of is that Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser have been smoking some seriously exotic designer stuff off late, because they are ridiculously amazing and original. We can’t wait for the whole ‘experience’ to be out.

Always Ascending by Franz Ferdinand

One of the sexiest British alternative band of the post-Britpop era has turned into a whole different band entirely. Naming your album Always Ascending may be a tad bit ambitious, but as the Godfathers of foot-tapping indie pop in Glasgow, you can practically do anything at this point. Let’s just hope the album isn’t a start of a descend yeah?

Resistance is Futile by Manic Street Preachers

As one of the last true British rock bands, it was unlikely to hear anything from the Manic Boys. But you can never write off the Welsh, because with Resistance is Futile, it seems like Manic Street Preachers will be giving the world another catchy, hard-wired rock album.  

TBA by My Bloody Valentine

If the Welsh has Manic Street Preachers, God blessed the Irish with a proper shoegaze legend in My Bloody Valentine. Their Loveless album is the holy grail of British shoegaze and as a fan of shoegaze, how can one forget the iconic intro to ‘When You Sleep’. After decades, My Bloody Valentine will finally give their fans another album, and according to rumors, may be their last.

TBA by Julian Casablancas & The Voidz

The Strokes’ frontman Julian Casablancas is finally  part of The Voidz after the band posted an official skit video in celebration of his induction. As much as we miss The Strokes, Chief Julian has been making good music with The Voidz, and their song ‘Wink’ is a promise that this album will be a good one.

Pesawat x POH, The Times AKA x Grey Sky Morning and gigs this weekend

By A.Akbar It’s only February but 2018 has welcomed so many local gigs since the last month. With sold out shows like Minut Fest and Welcome2Heartbreak were organised just a few weeks ago, the Malaysian music scene is finally at the right speed that it...

Paramore cancel Jakarta show at the last minute

By A.Akbar Pop outfit Paramore canceled their Jakarta show at the very last minute, which caused an uproar among their South East Asian fans. Fans travelled from all across South East Asia to watch the Tennessee-based band perform their latest set of...

Jaggfuzzbeats release intimate MV for ‘Little Miss Sunshine’

By A.Akbar Jaggfuzzbeats launched their debut album early last year but the hype around Rest Now is still buzzing in 2018. The band has introduced a new garage look to the Malaysian scene, unparalleled to any other outfits today that’s slowly turning them...

Naratu vocalist Ijam leaves the band, Azam takes over

By A.Akbar It was a sad day for Malaysian hardcore fans when Naratu’s veteran vocalist, Ijam, decided to leave the band after 10 years of good hardcore kicking....

Happy Chinese New Year from Spotify!

In celebration of the Year of the Dog, Spotify is releasing a new playlist to liven up the festivities. Simply scan the Spotify Codes to get to the playlist. To scan a Spotify Code, simply head to the right of your Search bar and click on the camera icon,...

A Closer Look At The Nike Cortez Kung Fu Kenny

We had a sneak peek of the Kendrick Lamar’s new Cortez back when he posted it on his Instagram last year, showing details of the “Don’t Trip” ribbon as well as Chinese lettering on the forefoot spelling out DAMN., all in reference to his latest album. We...

Tahun terakhir di industri: Altimet menangi AJL

By A.Akbar Pada malam yang tidak pernah popular dengan kejutan, Altimet gegarkan Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil dengan antara persembahan yang terbaik beliau pernah berikan. Altimet, yang pernah...

Malaysian band Prasasti arrives with a bang

by A.Akbar New and upcoming band Prasasti came out of nowhere with a sucker punch padu enough to make a dent on the wall of the roaring new indie resurgence, with their first ever song ‘Immunity’. Consists of Purnama, Omar, Wan and Khai, Prasasti rose with...

What’s Happening to Malaysian Pop Punk?

By Shazwan Zulkiffli Malaysia has been blessed with good pop punk bands back in the day, with outfits like An Honest Mistake, Bunkface, Heart Meets Hurricane, One Buck Short decorating the Malaysian pop punk Christmas tree together with then-youngins Heart...

Dua Lipa announces KL concert date this May

2017 breakout artist Dua Lipa has just announced her first ever solo show right here in Kuala Lumpur as part of her 'Self-Titled Tour'! The singer, recently claiming the achievement of being the first female artist to clinch 5 Brit Award nominations at...

Paramore sing about a Rose-Colored Boy

The hard times have come and gone, and Paramore are ready to get down with their latest synth-laden single, Rose-Colored Boy. The latest single off their 5th studio album, After Laughter, Rose-Colored Boy comes complete with a totally 70's vibes in the...

Rich Brian releases ‘Amen’

The rapper formerly known as Rich Chigga, Rich Brian, has finally released his full-length debut album, 'Amen'. Rich Brian, real name Brian Imanuel, first took the world by storm with his viral hit 'Dat $tick' back in 2016 - at the age of 16. Now 18 and...

INTERVIEW: Borak Petang with Midnight Fusic

by Shazwan Zulkiffli It’s not everyday that we are able to read about overnight successes, especially surrounding 17 year olds. But Midnight Fusic beat those odds, and during the heat of their anticipation for SPM, they delivered ‘Heart of May’, that was...

Lagu Masdo dan Orkes A Hizadin kini di Hot FM

By A.Akbar Jika ramai peminat muzik alternatif sebelum ini mengeluh kerana stesen radio aliran perdana jarang memutarkan lagu-lagu indie baru, kini mereka tidak perlu mengeluh lagi. Stesen radio milik Media Prima, Hot FM mengambil initiatif untuk putarkan...

Top 10 Albums To Look Forward To in 2018

by Shazwan Zulkiffli Music For Cars by The 1975 The 1975  cemented their place in the indie rock hierarchy when their second record I Love It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of remedied with contemporary music fans worldwide. That...