By A.Akbar

Rapper Altimet cannot, and will not settle down after one AIM score. While “Amboi” and “Seru” still on the people’s lips, the ex-Teh Tarik crew took everyone by surprise – with his appearance in MASAC’s anti-drug video as ‘High’ Commissioner, who doesn’t get high.

Altimet’s energetic Uncle Sam-ish figure in the video is similar to the legendary Eric Cantona’s attempt for the English gaffer post. The difference is that Altimet’s message was rather positive, if not stern.

The rapper donned a tengkolok, often used by fellow musician Monoloque, to introduce MASAC, a coalition of anti-drug NGOs to the masses. MASAC aims to educate the public regarding drug abuse, encourage people to live a drug-free life, and help drug abusers come clean. Straight-edge group Drug Free Youth Association (DFYA) and popular rehabilitation center, PENGASIH are strong members of the coalition.

It’s obvious that in the past few years, the education on drug abuse has been rather stale – especially if you include Pak Lah’s ridiculous “Tak Nak!” cigarette campaign that obviously never got any traction. But this savvy reintroduction to anti-drug campaigns in Malaysia could gather support for the cause, especially with the wry ‘High’ Commissioner joke that many will appreciate.

Lazada Malaysia

Whatever your stance when it comes to marijuana, you can’t deny that this concept is appealing and is quite cool compared with their last attempts on making people stop taking drugs.


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