By Shazwan Zulkiffli

Ray-Ban has a killer reputation for mind blowing tricks and stunts, but this one might be the most badass, and yet heartwarming at the same time thus far.

For their Face Critics campaign, whichalso showed Noh Hujan brushing off his critics on video, Ray-Ban brought an amateur drummer named Yup Shinz Joh to the stage to perform for the biggest band in the country – Hujan.

“I’m scared” said Yup, when he was asked on how would he feel if being offered a chance to rock with Hujan. Ray-Ban made that dream come true by tricking him into joining a VR drum project – when in reality, he was performing in front of a large crowd.

Yup was surprised to see that he was on stage with Noh & co. at KL VENUE during a show with Couple and Pitahati in front of a roaring audience, demanding him to take over the drums for one song.

For the full video, check out the link below

Lazada Malaysia

#ItTakesCourage to do so and Yup Shinz Joh did it. Hope you had fun!

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