J-pop metal act Babymetal made their first appearance on American national television on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and boy was America not ready for this jelly.

Performing their viral breakthrough song ‘Gimme Chocolate’, a trio of Japanese teen girls danced an elaborate routine while performing live vocals as a band of enthusiastic adult headbangers masked in corpse paint and wearing white robes pumped out grinding riffery and pop hooks at all turns. The audience, which seemed to be stunned at first, burst into the applause as Babymetal ended their song to the amazement of Colbert.

Babymetal has been the J-Pop and Metal community’s worst kept secret for about three years now, ever since they first emerged to cause a widespread schism among metalheads with their hit, ‘Doki Doki Morning‘. Some decried the fusion of bubblegum J-Pop with metal as a heresy, while others enjoyed the eclectic clash of styles and the underrated performances of the Kami Band, who back up the vocalist trio of Su-Metal, Moa-Metal, and Yui-Metal.

Fuguito/Creative Commons

Fuguito/Creative Commons

Babymetal recently released their second full-length album, Metal Resistance, and have appeared at festivals like Download, Sonisphere, and more alongside acts like Slayer, Anthrax, and Bring Me The Horizon, and opened for Metallica on the Japan date of their Death Magnetic world tour. Check out their music video for ‘Karate’ below!

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