By A.Akbar

It has always been good on Amir Jahari’s front, and it got even better with the news that the singer-songwriter just signed a publishing deal with M.Nasir’s Luncai Emas.

The Sarawakian has been hitting the right notes with the Malaysian audience as he is favored by both the mainstream and the alternative audience due to his unorthodox compositions and his down-to-earth presence. His latest single “Ingga” is slowly becoming an iconic folk song in his native Sarawak, as it is being sung and requested at the local radios.

Luncai Emas on the other hand, has been active in producing not only great acts, but fresh and innovative. With Pitahati’s critically-acclaimed “Selamat Datang Ke Panggung Suara” and Ramayan’s self-titled EP both turning Luncai Emas into the front runners of a new and upcoming indie scene, Amir Jahari can help them secure the masses.

Congratulations Amir Jahari!

Check out “Ingga” on the video down below: