The tragic murder-rape of Indonesian teen Enno Faridah has sent shockwaves through the community here as well, with many voicing out disgust for the horrific acts of her murderers.

Imam Alias, 24, Arif Alias, 24, and Rai, 16, who had no other connection to each other than their common acquaintance of the victim, conspired to rape and kill the 19 year old victim after Rai had attempted to form sexual relations but was rejected. They proceeded to rape the victim before suffocating her to death with a pillow and then forcibly penetrating her with the handle of a hoe, or cangkul, impaling her dead body up to the chest.

While public sympathy for the victim was already very strong, the man behind popular Facebook page Amran Fans apparently didn’t get the memo, responding to a lady on the popular messaging platform WeChat with a picture of a cangkul. Understandably, netizens were enraged by the crass, disgusting joke, and proceeded to lambast the page, leading the administrator to post the following apology.

Amran Fans on Facebook

Amran Fans on Facebook

While the Internet hivemind can sometimes get an issue so very, very wrong, it definitely got it right. Rape is not a joke, and no one can take it lightly, especially someone who commands a 900,000 strong following on a social media platform.

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