So fun, much awesome.

By Yue Lynn

After much waiting, excitement, suspense and more waiting, AniManGaki 2017 finally happened last weekend (19-20 August)! Otakus and geeky fans rejoiced. Being one of Malaysia’s largest and infamous geekfest, this annual convention is expectedly filled to the brim with colourful cosplayers, countless artsy booths, exhibitions, stage performances from local and international performers, countless activities and cargo loads of humans! With a hefty ticket price of RM25 per day, someone is definitely laughing somewhere while some may be crying (*cue an anime character crying scene).

The booths are actually covered up by human traffic!

AniManGaki always seems packed, well what to do when there is so much to see! #anime #cosplay #animangaki

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Foot traffic was heavy in all parts of the convention, especially at the artist booths which made it difficult for both visitors and vendors alike to walk and talk. While each booth featured awesome artists and even more awesome art and everyone was #excitedgiler, it was a pity that at times, things looked undeniably cramped. Perhaps, the organisers can allocate more walkway and booth spaces in next year’s AniManGaki (AMG) to make it more comfy for everyone (it’s a win-win situation too).

Photo Credits: Sky Takeru and Waninoko Production

The stage area was dominated by both local artists (Rociel, Harmonia ACG,  Deltarhythm and etc.) and international artists (D. Watt and Joelle Strother among others). As for special guests, there are notable cosplayers in attendance such as Ying (Hong Kong-based) and Yugana (#proudlocalrepresent).

Like the previous year, the entire thing was divided to two floors (double the floors, double the fun), in which the upper floors featured collectibles and figurines with a smattering of artists booths while the lower floor with a bigger event area featured the doujin booths (the main attraction of AniMangaki besides the cosplayers) and stage performances. Travelling between two floors were a bit of a hassle due to human congestion but overall, it’s not The Maze Runner so you certainly won’t get lost or harmed in any way.

And of course, in AMG, you can find an abundance of cosplayers (stylishly decked out in their finest):

Photo Credit: Pok Yee Yong

The lower floor event area was big enough to house a lot of living things and non-living things so though it was understandable to put everything (stage and doujin) into one giant room to hype things up, it wasn’t conducive nor appropriate to do so as music from the performances totes overwhelmed everyone’s conversations. Hence, the friendly shouting, “Huh?!” as a catch phrase and potential earache starter pack was hereby born on that weekend.

Speaking of booths, among the sea of genuine and splendid figurines and collectibles, there were some of ‘questionable origins’. In fact, this issue isn’t new and it’s a recurring one. Hopefully, for the sake of unsuspecting, innocent buyers and the organiser’s reputation, this matter can be avoided in future conventions. It’s not cool at all.

Due to the fact that everyone was overly #excitedgiler about the entire thing, the staff and volunteers were obviously overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work on their shoulders. Hence, it was inescapable for communication issues, confusion and ‘blurriness’ to arise. Here’s to hoping that the next AMG will have a much smoother ride.

In the grand scheme of things, the majority of AMG convention-goers seems to be enjoying their time, which is always a good sign! One of the best parts of AMG is the sense of community it evoked for the geek, otaku and cosplayer community; the sense of belonging was very evident and one would feel totally at home at AMG. Everybody is a fan of something (anime, comic, cosplay, fan art, manga, video games and etc.) and AMG is where they can enjoy ‘till their heart’s content and bask in the glorious fandom love.

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