By Aaron Lim

ASUS has unveiled its latest offering in the local router market with the release of its AiMesh Wi-Fi system which offers a fresh twist on traditional mesh-networking. Mesh-networking systems offer a slew of features which should make them attractive to any user looking to create an interconnected network within the confines of their own home.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of mesh-networking, it’s a generally new concept in Wi-Fi systems that was utilized by radio networks for military applications back in the early days of the war. Now, with prices of hardware becoming more affordable and technology finally catching up, mesh-networking has become the next logical step for Wi-Fi tech to take, with well-established companies such as ASUS taking their own stab at it.

What AiMesh does differently than other mesh-networking products is their focus on individual customizability. While other products from competing companies are limited in their range of Wi-Fi speeds, hardware features and upgrade paths, AiMesh allows users to have a flexible Wi-Fi system which is can be modified and matched to any compatible ASUS AiMesh product, allowing for a wide range of freedom for the avid user. It’s easy to set up as well using the downloadable ASUS Router mobile app or ASUSWRT web interface.

For those who need even more out of their routers, AiMesh also offers users the ability to seamlessly roam with one SSID for their entire coverage area or customize each one of their available frequency bands with separate SSIDs, allowing them to dedicate their 5GHz bands to things like dedicated streaming and gaming, for example. Each router can also be individually tailored for specific functionally – such as ASUS AiProtection, Adaptive QoS, Parental Controls and more – so that users can adjust each router to the configuration they see fit.

ASUS routers are known for their reliability and high performance, which is why the latest dual-band ASUS RT-AC86U is benchmarked at speeds 5.5 times faster than an equivalent router from a dual-band, tri-hub mesh system. Each router has also been tested and optimized to ensure consistent signal quality and stability, ensuring that you can get Wi-Fi in all parts of your home. Pricing starts at RM 1,049 for the base RT-AC68U model up to RM 2,529 for the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 model.

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