Author: Hannah Azlan

WomenFest 2017: An Experience

Right, it’s the first week of November which means that Pink October is over. Don’t stop fighting the good fight (against breast cancer). That being said, the MATRADE building over on Jalan Duta played host last weekend to WomenFest – a shopping and lifestyle festival aimed at women, and the first of its kind in Malaysia. With over 100 local brands featured, it was certainly An Experience (capitals required). I consider myself pretty good with conventions and festivals. Earlier this year, I attended Good Vibes Festival up in Genting Highlands – which was definitely a first for me. I’ve...

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About A Look: #SPOOKY

So, our editor decided that ‘The Level Wears’ didn’t have enough zing – so welcome back to About A Look, where the even ratio of men to women in the office works in our favour. It’s Halloween, so we’ve decided to play a little dress up. Given that there was a Friday the 13th in the middle of October (#gothtober? Then again, that might be more up KDUCR’s beat) – we figured that it was only right to get a bit spooky and dress accordingly. Yasmin, 18. Intern I’m pretty sure that I had a goth phase once in...

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Awesome Makeup Sales And Launches That I Can’t Afford

Every time a new product launches, I want to treat myself but my wallet has the stony-eyed glare of a disapproving parent while my bank account screams at me. Can I justify this? No. ****’s expensive. Join me in drooling over all the pretty, shiny things (and maybe crying just a little bit).   Colourpop Cosmetics Not one, but three different collections have launched in the last month or so. While Colourpop is comparatively affordable (Lip products start at $6, eyeshadows and highlighters at $8), you’ll still have to hit $50 to get free global shipping. Grab a friend...

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13 Amazingly Terrible Halloween Pick Up Lines

Halloween’s around the corner, and if you’re having issues finding someone spooktacular for your undead shindig – you might have luck with these pickup lines. Maybe you won’t impress anyone with these kitschy lines, but you might be able to get a laugh from them (or raise them from the dead). DISCLAIMER: The Level MY is not responsible for any bodily or emotional harm that may be incurred by these lines. Please use these lines responsibly. I don’t know what the trick is, but you are definitely a treat. I don’t have a Halloween costume, but could I go...

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Malaysia’s Fake Beauty Industry

Hello Malaysia, we’re at it again. We’ve ripped off major beauty brands – vis-a-vis packaging – and proven that we are completely creatively barren: My favorite example of Malaysians who have money but unfortunately lack the brains to come up with something of their own. — azlyn balqis (@lynfunkstar) October 18, 2017 We have so many avenues for entrepreneurs to shine and really push their products, however – it’s things like this that make headlines (or hashtags, your pick). Between Malaysian beauty products that contain mercury, lead and other foreign, dangerous ingredients, and smaller businesses who blatantly copy...

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