Author: Hannah Azlan

#Thirstday: Being Thirsty and Going Nuclear

Welcome back to #Thirstday, a weekly column on dating, relationships and everything in between! I’m your regularly scheduled programming over here, and as usual – I’ve got something to say. It took me a little longer to find inspiration for this article, so I’m opening up the #relationshiphelpdesk – inspired by this week’s Wednesday Woes. If you’ve got a thing to talk about, tweet me about it! This week, we’re talking about objectification and how your thirst can go overboard. The Guardian says millennials are having way less sex than the generation before us, and while those numbers are...

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What They Said: Critics and Fanboys on DC’s Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad, the highly anticipated follow up to the DCCU’s Batman v. Superman movie premiered yesterday and there are some seriously polarising views. Critics are savage in their criticisms, and you’ve also got diehard fanboys defending the movie with their dying breaths. Personally, I haven’t watched the movie yet (that comes tomorrow, where Jeremy and I will give you our take on it) but let’s see what the wider web has to say about this. Vanity Fair sharpened their knives and really brought the movie to their knees, writing a searing commentary on the movie as a whole. While...

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Wednesday Woes: Stupidity At Its Finest

Welcome back to Wednesday Woes, the Level MY’s column for all your #firstworldproblems and other millennial-styled complaints. This column is for all your petty existential angst, whereas other forms of ranting (and believe me, I rant) are reserved for the other columns and authors. With the current weather, you might want to down something icy cool. Try an iced tea (spiked at will).   Social Media Is Full Of Stupid People omg when ur on ur period and ur sitting down n sneeze or cough or stand up real quick n it's like mini Niagara Falls — ?...

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AIF Releases New Study, Results May Change HR Practices

The Asian Institute of Finance (AIF) has released a new report titled “Best Practices in Remuneration and Incentives across the Financial Services Industry in Malaysia” showing that professional standards and ethics are far less important than other factors, such as improving profitability and rewarding competence when it comes to corporate remuneration packages. The AIF report findings suggest that the main challenge to integrating professionalism in remuneration and incentives is the difficulty in identifying the metrics for professionalism and ethical conduct, despite how it would enhance long term customer satisfaction. Feasibility of integration and securing management support were not perceived...

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Maxis and Grab Create Dream Deal For Pokemon Go Players

Leaked photos have shown us that Malaysian telco Maxis and ride sharing service Grab have teamed up for the launch of Pokemon Go. While Niantic has not released any statements regarding if and when the hit augmented reality game will be released here, companies are jumping on the bandwagon to launch marketing campaigns related to the game. With the exception of Thailand, there’s been no word on the South East Asian servers. At this point, there’s only speculation that this collaboration will lead to people hiring GrabCars to drive them around as they hunt for that elusive Pikachu. If...

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