Author: Jeremy Say

Dota 2 The International 6: Day #3 End of Group Stages.

By Jeremy Say Digital Chaos continues to take everyone by surprise. Misery in particular did a wonderful job as a drafter, painting a very large target on his back as he drafted and his team Sunsfans’ed their way through TI6. As every new tournament has a “mini” meta, TI6 is going to make tsunami-like waves in the community as people of all skill levels will be trying to bend it like Dendi. The amount of copycats is going to make playing DOTA unbearable again. But hey, at least we get to see aggressive games with hero picks such as...

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Toy Box #3: Pokémon Go Cases everywhere and a 7yr old’s Doctor Who Adventure

By Jeremy Say Aloha! This week I want to talk about some interesting things I found on the Internet: levitating wireless chargers, the Samsung Gear 360, Pokémon Go printed phone cases and Emma’s 7th birthday Doctor Who adventure. So doing something I told myself I would stop doing, the nasty habit of surfing Kickstarter, has been revived. Today I found this nifty Kickstarter for a levitating wireless charger. OvRcharge: Levitating Wireless Charger by AR Designs could possibly be the next lava lamp, has anyone even seen one of those lately? This mesmerizing piece of display art is not...

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Be the first in Malaysia to own the new Samsung Galaxy Note7!

By Jeremy Say It is that time of the year again, where all the smartphone makers come out with their flagship phones to the shock and awe of tech geeks everywhere. It is no surprise that Samsung is bringing us another another quality smartphone from their popular series of Note phablets. The Note7, while not the most original of names (all smartphone makers are guilty of this, the iPhone 7 launches this year too), commands an impressive demand in the market- and because you want it, you can now pre-order the Note7 in Malaysia as early as the 8th...

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Dota 2 The International 6: Day #2

By Jeremy Say Day 2 is now underway, with many teams under intense pressure as they try to either stay on top or climb the group rankings. If you missed Day 1, here is a link to our previous article. Warning- as usual, spoilers abound. Day 2 Group A Alliance, Escape Gaming, Evil Geniuses, LGD Gaming, Natus Vincere, OG, TNC Gaming, Wings Gaming Group A is shaping up well with players like Jimmy “Demon” Ho, well known for the “Classic Jimmy”, has finally found himself captaining rising team TNC as they tie for 4th place with Alliance.  Above TNC...

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Movie Musings – Rotten Tomatoes and the DC Conspiracy

By Jeremy Say The negative critical reaction to Suicide Squad has created quite a stir amongst DCEU fans, many of whom hoped that the supervillain blockbuster would turn the sour taste left by BvS into a candy-coated Pop Rock. Unfortunately, burned by all the negative reviews, fans have set up a petition to take down Rotten Tomatoes, which thousands of people flocked to like 18,000 moths to a flame. It seems to be everywhere as the media and every person with a Twitter account talked about the petition (yes, I jumped on the bandwagon and I’m trying to cash...

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