Author: Matt Liew

REVIEW: Justice League

By Matt Liew   DC’s Justice League had us waiting with bated breath. Yes, we haven’t exactly had the greatest opinion of recent DC movies (see: BvS Review & Suicide Squad Review), but we were hoping that Justice League would do better. Our spoiler-free opinions after the jump: Notable scenes shown in the trailers are funnier in the trailer than in the movie Taking a leaf out of Marvel’s page, Justice League is jam-packed with memorable & quotable moments. While being breath of fresh air for DC, Justice League had the misfortune of showing off more than half of...

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Red Bull’s Elixir of Life @ The Pawn Room, TTDI

By Matt Liew Last weekend, our friends at Red Bull International were kind enough to invite us over to The Pawn Room, a cozy speakeasy in TTDI with a very distinct Oriental theme to its decor & layout. We were invited to try their latest creation in a line of Red Bull-infused drinks & cocktails, aptly named the Elixir of Life – and it lived up to the high standards associated with all things Red Bull. A gin-based cocktail containing coconut water, kaffir lime syrup, lemon juice, and Red Bull, the Elixir of Life is served over dry ice...

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I’m On A Boat – Day 3

By Matt Liew *If you missed out on Day 1, read it here!   Day 3 Exhausted from the previous day’s activities, I woke up too late to have regular breakfast at the dining hall or the Windjammer Cafe, so I ended up eating brunch at Café Promenade. On the way back to my room after brunch, I watched one of Dreamworks’ famous green ogres get swarmed by a horde of excited children – Princess Fiona. A quick check of my Cruise Compass back in my room after the event revealed that Princess Fiona’s appearance was one of many...

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I’m On A Boat – Day 2

*If you missed out on Day 1, read it here!   Day 2 All worn out from the previous day’s activities, I woke up a little too late for breakfast – but there wasn’t an issue as I swung by Café Promenade for a quick bite. We were docked in back in Malaysia – Port Klang to be specific – and Royal Caribbean offered all guests the option to disembark for offshore excursions. Some of the other cruise attendees opted to disembark and explore what Malaysia had to offer, but being a local I wasn’t keen on leaving the...

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I’m on a Boat – Day 1

By Matt Liew   “I’m going on a cruise!” That’s a phrase you’d rarely hear from your friends in their 20’s, bar the overenthusiastic rave junkies attending Livescape’s annual cruise/rave mashup It’s The Ship – but that’s a different story for a different time. Last December, cruise masters Royal Caribbean collaborated with Dancing With Friends Singapore to throw Southeast Asia’s first ever Salsa Cruise, and they invited The Level (editor’s note: by The Level they mean CEO and Glorious Leader Matt) onboard for the experience of a lifetime. Fun fact: The only time I had ever salsa’d before in...

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