Author: Muhammad Nabil

Best Drops Of 2017 So Far

The hype never stops. There’s always something new coming around the corner to complete and complement the new season’s collection. Well, in the case of Malaysia, one season since most of our local labels only release one drop a year and we pretty much only have hot season, haze season, and rainy season. We’ve compiled a list of the best drops of 2017 so far, so get ready to part ways with your cash, and step up your fashion game.   Adidas NMD ‘Sashiko Pack’   Entailing the use of Sashiko embroidery from Japan, the brand with 3 stripes has employed the R1 and Citysock silhouette to be the designs of choice for the brand’s latest pattern. It’s not uncommon to see parallels being drawn with the Yeezy’s pattern, but that just means more variety for everyone else to choose from. Against Lab ‘What Is Paradise?’ Collection   A contemporary fashion label that doubles as a collection of creatives, this local streetwear brand’s latest collection revolves around the endless pursuit of man to find Paradise and satisfaction. All of the collection’s apparel features floral graphics complemented by moody colours to visualize the Garden Of Eden. Lansi 2017 Collection   The Swagger Salon’s home brand has been on a roll, and Lansi’s 2017 collection is no different. Featuring simple designs, yet dictated by vulgar captions, the brand’s appeal widens to...

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Jacked Up: The Tale Of Exorbitant Ticket Prices

No, this isn’t a new issue. That being said, the whole debacle on ridiculous ticket prices has picked up heat again with the now sold out Bruno Mars show here in KL. Only hours after the whole venue sold out, tickets started appearing on StubHub for prices easily triple of retail prices.   Same goes to other concerts preceding Bruno Mars; tickets for Coldplay in Singapore sold for a measly sum of RM20,000 on reseller websites, and Ed Sheeran here in Malaysia sold for approximately 500% of its normal price. The wallet crippling prices leave heartbroken fans in their...

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Real Apples, Real Attitude – The Apple Fox Cider Is Here

The hunt for great tasting apple cider is over. Heineken Malaysia Bhd. is proud to present another stellar addition to its line of global brands, with the launch of Apple Fox Cider. Available from August 2017, this New Zealand-inspired apple cider tickles your senses with a crisp refreshing taste, made from only the freshest orchard apples. Perfect for an afternoon pick-up, Apple Fox Cider injects a much-needed spontaneity to everyday mundane routines. Just like a fox hunting in the orchard, this cider will steal the hearts of those seeking a brand that stands for straight-up, instant refreshment with a contemporary and bold edge. By going...

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