Author: Muhammad Nabil

Chanel And Adidas Equals Limited Release Human Race NMDs

There has been plenty of NMD Hu Trail news as Adidas and Pharrell have been pushing the silhouette out to much acclaim, until a fight broke out in KLCC and in other parts of the world where hypebeasts tried their best to get their hands on a pair, but no one could’ve anticipated the Adidas team up with Chanel to produce only 500 pairs of the collab shoe. Worldwide. You already know it’s impossible to get, but, by some force of nature that you gain the sheer tenacity and massive willpower like Hela trying to take down Asgard, there...

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Hiromi Tsuru, Voice Actor of Bulma From Dragon Ball Z Has Passed Away

On the 16th of November, Hiromi Tsuru was found unconscious at the side of the Shuto Expressway, with the hazard lights still on and seat belt still attached. She was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead. The 57 year old actress had a belt of accolades around her waist, most famous being the voice of Bulma from the Dragonball series, Ukyo Kuonji from Ranma ½, Reiko Mikami from Ghost Sweeper Mikami as well as the voice of Naomi Hunter in the Metal Gear Solid game series. Thank you for the memories, Hiromi Tsuru. May you rest in...

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Timberland’s Next Collab? Off-White

After 4 collaborations with The North Face, MADNESS, SOPHNET., Timberland is showing no signs of stopping, with a new collaboration coming in with luxury streetwear fashion house, Off-White. The partnership comes in the form of a reworked version of the 6-inch boot, coloured in highlighter green, with the lace interlaced (pun fully intended) with Abloh’s touch of 3 extra laces in black, orange, and white. Price, you ask? Fans are able to pre-order these statements from Off-White’s webstore for a chump change of 933 USD (approximately 4000 RM) and expect a release date of around March 2018. Who needs...

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Malaysian Pro Skater Gets His First Vans Collaboration

It’s definitely not everyday a homegrown talent is plucked out and have a shoe made after him, but that’s exactly what happened when long-time pro skater, Pa’din Musa collaborated with Vans to come up with 2 silhouettes, namely the Old Skool Pro and Authentic Pro designed and coloured by the man himself. The black and citrus theme revolves around Pa’din’s love for bikes, inspired from the vintage racing jackets that he owns. An imprint on the sidewall mimics the tyre pattern on one of Pa’din’s favourite motorcycles. A neat little personal touch ingrained by Pa’din was including a pantun...

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The Classic Resurgence: Top 10 Sneakers That Are Making A Comeback

The Comeback Of Vintage Designs Fashion, like music and other things, is a cyclical, and it’s especially prominent with sneakers. Supreme brought back the Nike Air Humara (First debuted in 1998) for its trail collaboration, and Adidas has been pushing 2 variations of its classic EQT series, the ADV (modern) version, and the standard RF (original) racers. However, the classics are seeing a resurgence, and it’s taking over the scene in a big way. Here’s a list of what silhouettes are making a comeback. Adidas Stan Smiths An unfortunate case of timing gone right. Back in 1963, the shoe...

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