Author: Muhammad Nabil

Under The Microscope: The Nike VaporMax

Ironically, air is what has been keeping one of the biggest shoe companies in the world propped up. Those little bubbles on the Air Max shoes  have since gone on and inflated into full length midsoles, found in the Air Max 2015, 2016, 2017, and now more recently, the very performance derived VaporMax. With a mold that comprises of 39,000 components, approximately 15 tries to get it right and cladded with both Flyknit and Flywire, the VaporMax represents the very pinnacle of Air technology, one that has been innovated over and over again for the past 39 years, but...

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REVIEW: Project Cars 2

Better Late Than Never I know. Project Cars 2 is overdue. You’ve probably read the reviews on other sites (are we allowed to name the sites?) and have made several conclusions based on the ratings that were given, and I’m here to tell you why it took so long for me to get off my ass and start writing it. Project Cars 2, simply is one of the best racing simulators I have played in this Playstation generation. First things first, some may argue that compared to other full on simulators such as Assetto Corsa and iRacing, Project Cars...

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Ya’ll need this. Don’t @ me. Marks your calendars for the 18th of November boys and girls, because the BEST looking colourway of the Yeezy 350 is dropping in extremely limited quantities. Dubbed the Semi-frozen Yellow, it first debuted on the feet of no other than Kanye West himself back in August, and we now have a proper look at how gorgeous the colours are, as well as the accompanying gum sole stamped longitudinally on the midsole. On top of that, it is reported that the shoe will also have glow in the dark details. What do you think...

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Level With Me: Shafiq, Pins, And Local Culture

You wouldn’t really be able to find decorative pins anymore, other than the functional ones. It has almost become a dying product, slowly disappearing from the market, but Shafiq thinks otherwise. We managed to snag a chat with him at Sneakerlah, on why he picked the name Pantun, and why he infuses local culture into his creations. Tell me what inspired you to start you brand? The idea of pantun pins began about 2 years ago, when I wanted to bring an American brand into Malaysia and this was probably around the time of pin revival. When I did...

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Under The Microscope: The Yeezy 350

Love it or hate it, there’s definitely no denying the impact the Yeezys had on the sneaker landscape, especially with the Yeezy 350. There’s no mistaking it, ribbed midsole, whale shaped outline with distinctive patterns adorning the upper completing the silhouette, recognisable to anyone who gives a damn about sneakers. Spawning an array of multi-coloured fakes all the way to triple A grade replicas, the Yeezys managed to make themselves a must have pair for all collectors. There is simply no way of spinning it, the shoe’s following is so massive, to the point where Sneakerlah 2017 was LITTERED...

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