Author: Shazwan Zulkiffli

Listen To The Original Version of Ella’s ‘Standing In The Eyes of the World’

Recently, Malaysian rock queen Ella came back to the limelight to sing a few songs at the prestigious closing ceremony of the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games. In front of thousands, Ella once again sang her hit single ‘Standing In The Eyes of the World’ to the crowd, and was replied back with a grand, echoing sing-a-long that sent chills in anyone’s spine, just like during the 1998 Commonwealth games. But did you know that ‘Standing In The Eyes of the World’ was co-written by a musical legend from the United States? The song was written by local songwriter Idris...

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CLOSER LOOK: Is the Malaysian Indie Scene Finally Back?

Malaysia was once graced with an excess of indie bands during the peak of the KAMI era. Bands like The Times, Bittersweet, and Hujan would gather for small sauna-like studio gigs to gigantic concerts like Panglobal Rocks where thousands would show up sweaty, ecstatic, and sometimes, shirtless. Hundreds of images would surface on Myspace, edited and watermarked on picnik to help spread more awareness. Those were the good times and it looks like the good times may make a comeback. Noh during his earlier days. (photo by You can hear complaints and rants every time a cringey Malay...

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