Author: The Level

Foodbusters #5: Zawara Coffee

By The Level For the fifth installment of Foodbusters, we decided to go to one of the biggest local coffee shop chains in Malaysia, Zawara Coffee. Zawara Coffee is popular hijab-selling brand Zawara’s venture into the world of F&B. With more than 82,000 likes on Facebook and more than 600,000 likes on parent company Zawara’s page, we thought that Zawara Coffee warranted a visit from the Foodbusters themselves. Our team drove all the way to Bukit Jelutong, – the ghost town of Shah Alam, – to try their famous sandwiches and milkshakes, and other seemingly enticing delectables. Parking Parking...

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NEW RELEASE: Burn The Witch by Radiohead

By A. Akbar Thom Yorke and co. pulled a “The 1975” a few days ago by deleting all traces of themselves online, and replacing them with blank images. For fans of Radiohead, this only meant one thing – Radiohead is coming out with something new, and the publicity stunt acts as a red carpet treatment for the release. As expected, fans were spot on with their guesses, as Radiohead released “Burn the Witch” a day after their social media whiteout. The music video grabbed almost 4 million views in a single night. Burn The Witch is the band’s latest...

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Foodbusters #4: Selangor Food Mega Festival 2016

This week’s edition is special as we drove down to Shah Alam to experience one of the biggest food festivals in the country where the best local food trucks and vendors gather – the Selangor Food Mega Festival 2016. Selangor Food Mega Festival is a massive gathering of foodies organized by the Selangor government to promote the local food truck and F&B vendors to the masses and at the same time, encourage entrepreneurship among the youth. The Selangor Food Mega Festival got themselves great reviews in last year’s edition with thousands of foodies roaming the compound with their soon-to-be-overflowing tummies....

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