By A.Akbar

Malaysian Twitter was rocked with the footage of Nurul Izzah getting harrassed live on air. The Permatang Pauh MP was live with Faizal Ismail, former Hot FM announcer before a caller, who only identified himself as ‘Azrul’, commented on her choice of clothing and how she puts on her hijab because he could see her ‘breasts’, even when the politician was wearing a fully covered baju kurung.

The incident angered netizens as they flooded the local Twitter timeline with tweets bashing the mysterious ‘Azrul’, with some even calling him out to appear online. With this issue still brewing, we’ve compiled the best of the best #AzrulGate tweets that has welcomed sexual offenders to be called out on social media.

User @aidathecat drags television-qualified Da’i Wan Dazrin for contributing to the culture.

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