Possible Ban and Much Hoo-Ha About Fight of Gods

This is not the enlightenment they’re looking for...

By Yue Lynn

UPDATE 08 September 2017 – Datuk Salleh Said Keruak of The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said that they will be asking Steam to disable downloads for Fight of Gods within 24 hours. It that doesn’t work, they then state that further action will be taken against the religiously insensitive, blasphemous and harmful to the community material.

The debut of an incomplete fighting game called Fight of Gods recently earned the ire of Malaysian religious leaders due to the involvement of godly beings as fighters – featuring deities such as Jesus and Buddha.

Photo Credit: Steam Store

As reported by a local newspaper aka The Sun, ‘various religious leaders yesterday urged the government to ban the unacceptable game’. For further reading on their displeasure and complaints, you can read that article here.

Similar to the cargo-loads of previous fighting games, Fight of Gods has many combatants you can choose to be your fighter, which include: the aforementioned mighty duo, Zeus, Sif, Odin, Anubis, Amaterasu, Moses and Guan Gong. Ironically, the game definitely scores some brownie points for character diversity.

To be fair, it’s completely understandable that there would be an uproar towards this game as it did display a level of religious insensitivity by featuring gods and deities in a fighting game. It is also a disrespectful move and the action can be seen as belittling the religious figures. How would one feel when the deity or God, they have been worshipping has been unceremoniously turned into a video game character that would be pitted to fight against other godly characters?

On the other hand, the game is all bark and no bite. The ‘godly’ parts are simply aesthetics that serve one purpose: to attract publicity. And publicity definitely sells, whether one likes it or not. Surely with the hype and news this game generates, money is trickling into someone’s pocket.

On the liberal side of things, this game is averagely decent (at press time, Fight of God’s Steam page has 138 positive reviews and 16 negative reviews) and pretty harmless. There is no “trash-talking” among the characters and there are zero religion callouts. The only controversial ‘religious parts’ of the game are limited to the characters themselves; anything else is vanilla. Despite raising the hackles of some folks and enraging others, Fight of God leans more towards being silly, laughable and amusing.

Developed by Digital Crafter and published by PQube Limited, the game can be bought for laughs at the cost of RM11.40 (original price: RM19) until the promotion ends on 12 September. Click below to go to the steam page, this might be your last chance.

Link to the Steam Page

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