by A.Akbar

The last quarter of every year has always been an exciting time for new local releases. At this point, Malaysians bands, groups and solo artists have had enough time for recording, producing and packaging their music to suit the Malaysian palate and overwhelming waves of new music are surely coming our way. But before we (and other news outlets) pick up on their latest releases, here’s a complete list of bands and acts set to end the way with big releases.

  1. Youth Portal

Their single ‘Butter Breakfast’ didn’t only manage to impress, it also depicts a fair representation of post-The Strokes Brit/Malaysian rock era, bedroom-based indie music. Hailing from Cyberjaya, this band of youths is centered around a minimalist approach to lo-fi powerpop, giving bands like My Bloody Valentine a proper bar brawl, Malaysian-style. After being one of the bands chosen for VANS’ Musicians Wanted, it’s not impossible to imagine that YP may be serving us some new lo-fi tunes up on the platter soon.

What They Might Sound Like: Something crispy, something catchy, something that would make DIIV mention them on Twitter again.

Next Shows: TBA


2. The Rudean

Guitar-heavy and rock-infused tunes, The Rudean is a reminiscent of what a true rock n roll band should sound like in the Spotify era with ‘Hipokrit’, to being able to bring you back to the old times, snoogling inside the Ferris Wheel carts with ‘Dewi Malam’ – a song well-fitted for romance at your local funfair. It’s hard to imagine that Saiful (Vocals) used to play grunge in his heydays as The Rudean look like they’ve been around for eons. Rumor has it that The Rudean is working with Master Ag Coco at Kamar Seni, and if it’s true, you can already anticipate the amount of trouble they’d cause at venues once their songs are out.

What They Might Sound Like: Good ol’ rock n roll with a hint of the Ramones and a malay translator.

Next shows: TBA

  1. Patriots

Formerly known as ‘Heart-A-Tack’, this 5-piece pop mosh band has been around for nearly 10 years now, and are ready to dominate the hearts of pop punk listeners with their boldness and sheer confidence. Having toured across the region, including neighboring countries Indonesia & Singapore early on this year, they are now rumored to be back to release some new music – and yet another change of direction after ‘Seindah Kata’ featuring Kareema of Maddthelin.

What They Might Sound Like: Heavier but appropriate for commercial listeners. The next material will probably draw the Bunkface comparisons away.

Next Shows: Empty Page’s EP Launch

  1. Son of A Policeman

Hailing from Subang Jaya, Son of a Policeman, or SOAP, are fun and euphoric in their own way. One of Top 3 finalists of Tiger Jams by Tiger Beer in 2016, they previously released a single, ‘Euphoria’, produced with Tiger Jams Malaysia. In the near future, they will be releasing their debut album ‘Sleepless in Subang’, and embrace the youth with their variety of indie-sounding, guitar-ridden music that we all love. With ‘Sleepless in Subang’, a new Malaysianized music genre might be born, who knows?

What They Might Sound Like: A spice of Banghra campur with some modern funk while you’re stuck in the SS15 traffic jam searching for parking.

Next shows: Parti Indie Menari

  1. I Lost The Plot

Earlier this year, they released ‘Consequences’ — a track that speaks volume as to how these Sungai Petani-based boys are heavily influenced by the likes of Panic! at The Disco and Fall Out Boy. A mesh between post-hardcore & pop, ILTP has so much potential for making it big locally and internationally (in this writer’s humble opinion). Having been around for 10 years now, we are excited to see what they have in store for us.

What They Might Sound Like: Brendon Urie after a plate of Nasi Lemak and teh tarik.

Next shows:

  1. Sendiket Jongkong Emas (SaJE)

Imagine what kind of music space-inhabitants would make — probably a little like what SAJE sounds like. With it’s fuzzy guitars and muffled vocals, SAJE are not only experimental but also unique in their own way. They are their own genre, ‘asli-delik’ Rock as they call it, and we think it’s high time for their creation & originality to be appreciated.

What They Might Sound Like: A new wave of pop psychedelic madness.

Next shows: Indiecore Darling


  1. Capt’n Trips and The Kid

Having released a 6-minute track, ‘The Pond’, earlier this year and a 5-song EP in 2016, they have made an appearance in the Rojak Session, and have had their own Listening Party as a part of Urbanscapes 2017. We can pretty much say that they have captured the attention of psychedelic rock fans across the region.  Previously compared to Tame Impala, they are set to go bigger with their upcoming releases after releasing their latest release, ‘The Paraverse’, and plans for their 2018 release ‘Remnants of the World Tree’.

Spotify link for ‘The Paraverse’:

What They Might Sound Like: a rough and trippy night out while you’re still in your orange tab.

Next shows: TBA

  1. Spacehawk

Their latest single ‘Mati’ that was produced by SOG is a bit on the morbid side, with cryptic lyrics and an intro that resembles Interpol’s ‘Same Town, New Story’. This PJ-based, 5-piece band is more on the classic, youthful indie side of the Malaysian scene, and we’re stoked to listen to what they have in store for us in the near future.

What They Might Sound Like: a juvenile Incubus.

Next shows: TBA


  1.  Night Skies and Visions

Formed in 2015, Night Skies and Visions have been on top of their game since the beginning — having performed in many shows across the region. With front-woman Celyn and their genre being pop punk, they are a reminiscent of the likes of Paramore and Hey Monday. Lively and energetic, we hope their upcoming releases would be as good (or better) than their previous ones.

What They Might Sound Like: If Paramore and Mayday Parade had a baby.

Next shows: Skatepark Putrajaya


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