Remember the drama with Malaysia and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? Well, the LPF relented and approved the movie but it’s still being delayed. We have a story for you: Disney is fighting back, and they’re doing that by refusing to cut the controversial scene with LeFou.

“The film has not been and will not be cut for Malaysia,” Disney said in an emailed statement to The Malay Mail this morning.

On Monday, Golden Screen Cinemas said that they postponed showings of the movie at the studio’s requests – and will offer refunds to patrons who purchased advance tickets. Yesterday, Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board had approved Beauty and the Beast for a P13 rating after requesting a 4 1/2 minute cut from a subplot with a “gay moment,” said Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, the film board chairman. Theaters can screen the film at any time after the deletions, he said.

This film is a remake of the classic 1991 animated musical, and its call for censure, the consequent delay and thus removal from the big screen has become  part of a social media firestorm with both sides making passionate arguments. We have screencaps for you.

Lazada Malaysia

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