By Aida Rashid

Ego by Margasatwa

Margasatwa’s Ego is apparently only a curtain-raiser to their upcoming album where vocalist Kimal gets to flex his Zainal Abidin-like pipes on the band’s debut release.


If ‘Forever Is Not Our Thing’ got you crying, ‘STUCK WITH YOU’ will get you vibing to its light-trap beats and relatable lyrics.

Lazada Malaysia

Delta Wing by Kyoto Protocol

Lazada Indonesia

The first single taken from their album The Pen Is Mightier, ‘Delta Wing’ pops the champagne for the album’s campaign. Some fans claimed that the track may sound like a ‘goodbye’ song, but if it’s true, I’m going to give them a call and ask them to stop.

One I Love by BATE

BATE went international after signing up with the same label that manages Harry Styles and Niall Horan. The song blew up globally, with now at 9 million Spotify plays and counting.

Debar Lembut by Salammuzik

Through ‘Debar Lembut’, Salammuzik showed a glimpse of what they’ve been working on behind closed doors.

The Pills (I Know) by Bear Scouts

The Bears are fairly new in the scene but the 80s synthpop made so much noise with their debut single ‘The Pills (I Know)’.

Hanyut by The Impatient Sisters

If you knew The Impatient Sisters from their ‘Hey There Young Sailor’ days, this song might surprise you, because the Sisters are taking the melancholic route, bringing you out for an emotional scenic journey.

Merajuk by Orkes A Hizadin

With the success of ‘Kejayaan’ (pun not intended, maybe), Orkes A Hizadin released another song to tingle your senses and this time, it’s called ‘Merajuk’.

Make You Pay by Mas Dewangga ft Karissa, Attune, ZSYIA

Mas Dewangga produces ‘Make You Pay’ and may accidentally gave birth to a powerful Malaysian female supergroup (we would love to see this happen).

Walk The Talk by Faris Fuad & The Confederates

Faris Fuad & The Confederates is a big band hailing from Perak, led by, well, Faris Fuad, former guitarist of metalcore In Believer. Surprisingly enough, Faris’ drastic transition gave birth to their first ever hit, ‘Walk The Talk’.

Bagaikan Puteri by HACKTICK!

In many ways, HACKTICK! is a pop-punk band from Klang, but their cover of Farra’s legendary hit ‘Bagaikan Puteri’ opened up a new dimension of their genre and brand as a band.

Gita/ Malam by Bayangan

Out of all the songs in Bayangan’s Bersendirian Berhad record, which is undoubtedly one of the better records this year, the daring intro track, ‘Gita/Malam’ not only sets the tone for the album — but also put Bayangan as one of the freshest folk artists in recent times.

So Right by Kaya

Kaya has been gigging around Klang Valley for years but their debut album, finally caught the ears of the Malaysian indie alternative audience, with ‘So Right’ as its crown jewel.

LOVE by Leaism

In this era, saturated with generic and predictable folk songs, Leaism stepped up to the plate to bring you ‘LOVE’, Lea’s very own take on the feeling we’re all far too familiar with.

Wa Caya Lu by Sweetass

Sweetass ‘Wa Caya Lu’ may now be the most urban Malaysian indie anthem around.

Dermaga by SOG

The ‘Bahtera’ has finally reached its ‘Dermaga’. SOG delivers another banger of a post-hardcore track to rock the times.

Free by Dangerdisko x Q Sound

Q Sound and Dangerdisko’s teamup to produce ‘Free’ may just be one of the most productive musical collaboration this year.

Lovesick by Midnight Fusic

Midnight Fusic’s 80s pop hit ‘Lovesick’ has been played for over 400,000 times on Spotify.

Immunity by Prasasti

Prasasti’s Immunity is the start of a promising alternative rock career for the newly-formed band.

Untuk Mereka Yang Tidak Berpeluwang by Pasca Sini

‘Untuk Mereka Yang Tidak Berpeluwang’ is one of the celebrated tracks in Pasca Sini’s debut EP – and the one that captured everyone’s attention.

Suria by Hujan

Hujan may not have promoted the track online, but alongside ‘Perindu Kalbu’, ‘Suria’ showed more of Hujan’s wit and experience.

Make it On Me by NYK ft Airliftz

Like him or hate him, NYK’s ‘Make It On Me’ featuring Airliftz is now a popular bop with over 460,000 plays on Spotify.

Lawalah Familia Collaborates with Boston’s N.B.S for Lawalah Vets EP

by Maruxa Lynd Lawalah Vets EP Launch Party at Six Bangsar was a wild one filled with hard beats, fire bars and energetic crowd. The new songs performed for the first time by Lawalah Familia during the launch were greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm by...

Urbanscapes announces Khalid, Wolf Alice as headliners in Phase 1

by A.Akbar Urbanscapes, the longest-running creative arts festival, just announced their headliners for the first phase. Contemporary R&B star Khalid, popular for songs like ‘Location’ and ‘Young Dumb & Broke’, will be coming to Malaysia as part of...

Discover Dato’ Maw – Penang’s best kept secret

by Maruxa Lynd We have always patronized our Korean and Chinese counterparts when it comes to hip – hop but how much do we actually know about our scene when we miss out our own?  We applauded Higher Brothers for coming out with Chinese rap songs, but...

Borneo X Semenanjung gig: Uniting Upcoming Bands

by A.Akbar If you’re an active gig-goer, you must notice how the crowd at each underground gig keeps increasing, well, not just underground gigs in particular - most music-related events nowadays do get amazing turnouts. Don’t believe me? Try attend one in...

NEW RELEASE: Julia Duclos – Further

By Aida Julia Duclos, a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Kuala Lumpur debuts her presence in the Malaysian music scene with her single ‘Further’. Signed to Sony Music Malaysia, she takes her music one step further today with the release of her ethereal,...

16 Baris LIVE is BACK!

by Maruxa Lynd   If you missed out on the absolutely lit 16 Baris months back, get ready for the second wave next month which features the best rappers in the South East Asian Region! Presented by Tune Talk, the concert will be held at the National Tennis...

Borak Good Vibes: 10 Minutes With Albert Hammond Jr

by Aida Rashid Last Thursday we got the chance to meet Albert Hammond Jr. up close for an exclusive interview at Stripes KL Hotel. Since the release of Francis Trouble -- his 4th solo full-length album, he has been touring around Europe, America and also...

Hujan X Masdo Concert, It’s Really Happening!

By Salihin Rizal A concert like this does not come up regularly, as Hujan themselves stated in a tweet “bukan konsert biasa-biasa. Ini konsert rentap”. Hujan and Kugiran Masdo together in a concert?? Even I’m still digesting it to be honest. Happening on...


by Maruxa Lynd Make way for the hip – hop royalty cause they’re destined to conquer the chart with their collaborative album  ‘Everything Is Love” . The unstoppable power couple Beyoncé and Jay – Z a.k.a The Carters have recently released their new album...

Albert Hammond Jr rocked The Bee, Kuala Lumpur!

by Aida Rashid Albert Hammond Jr was in town on 18th of July for a one night only exclusive performance for U Mobile customers, a pre-show for the upcoming Good Vibes Festival (GVF) in Genting this 21 to 22 July, of which U Mobile is the official telco...

AHM X Jameson presents Irish Whiskey: Girl Power

by Aida Rashid An Honest Mistake in collaboration with The Bee is back with another party with the good people of Jameson Irish Whiskey! Jointly organised with the students of IACT as part of a dope project, the popular Girl Power gig is back to bring you...

Best Malaysian Songs in 2018 So Far

By Aida Rashid Ego by Margasatwa Margasatwa’s Ego is apparently only a curtain-raiser to their upcoming album where vocalist Kimal gets to flex his Zainal Abidin-like pipes on the band’s debut release....

Yung Raja hits Malaysian shores with ‘Mustafa’

by Maruxa Lynd We might be divided by our borders and our never–ending comparisons but hip-hop has always brought Malaysia and Singapore together . Hip-hop fans across these two nations have been supporting each other’s back since the rise of stars like...

It’s Coming Home: Nastia #KembaliINDIE at ATAS by Bijan Fx

by Aida Rashid Nastia, known for their track ‘Rapuh’ that has 700, 000 views on YouTube, is back with a special homecoming show this weekend, 14th July 2018. The show is tagged #kembaliINDIE indicates their return to the current local independent scene...

Vocalist of Margasatwa Needs Funds for his Daughter’s Surgery

By Muhammad Salihin Known as the frontman of Margasatwa, Kimal or Akmal Akim got hit with a barrier when he found out his daughter, Puspa, was recently diagnosed with ventricular septal defect (VSD).   Having just turned 7 months, young Puspa must go into...