By Jeremy Say

The Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Book Sale 2016 has proven to be just as exciting as some of the previous iterations of Malaysia’s famed 24 hour book sale. Just as long as I forget the small one at One City – that was very forgettable. I didn’t buy a single thing there and I know many who did the same. This is not normal for someone like me or my friends who adore discounts and books, so you can tell this year’s edition is already looking up.

The book sale at MIECC @ The Mines has always been a book aficionados’ paradise. Nothing feels better than owning and reading a paper bound book over those eye straining but practical ebooks.  

This year they added quite a few improvements, such as adding a Chinese literature section. There are about 8-10 tables with mostly what looks like old romance stories. Sadly, nothing really new or nice was in the section according to the girlfriend. Many of the newer, more current novels seemed to be of very bad quality and suffer from bad printing.


Well now that I got that out of the way, I personally only have two real complaints and one minor. Firstly, I could not find a complete set of Ransom Riggs books for the Miss Peregrine series. They apparently sold out extremely quickly, even though I was there for the preview on Thursday at 10:45AM. Secondly, the children section is so large it feels like there wasn’t much for an adult with no kids to see. Which would lead to my minor complaint, make the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section bigger. Two small sets of tables is not enough for a fan like me!

So with the complaints out of the way, this year, while seemingly smaller to me, it was much better organized. Book were, in general, in the right section and easier to spot. Sample books were also available for the boxed or sealed stuff for perusal. Added were actual small shopping trolleys to allow you to carry even more books to massive combined queuing line, manned by polite staff. The staff then guide you to the appropriate counter – this is a plus since this actually makes checkout so much faster.

So far I went twice and the damage report is bad, here’s a look.

Yes I do read all my books and some I have already read as ebooks or borrowed from friends. Nothing beats having my very own hard copy of my favorite stories to reread at my leisure or lend to new friends.

Now before you go about saying I bought too much, yes I probably did. However, I also have already pledged to BBW #StopBuyingStartReading and I have read all my previous books from the last sale. I may horde, but I also finish all of them.

Other casualties of war that I want to note are:

  • My toes been stepped on six times,
  • Had a cart run into me 3 times
  • Nearly trip over kids at least twice.
  • Had Hong Leong promoters annoy me past the amount of fingers I have to count
  • Owe my girlfriend money since she has a Hong Leong Bank debit card for 5% off my purchase.
  • Calories burned by walking over 12000 steps
  • Mobile data used to review books I don’t know with the Goodreads app to scan ISBN numbers
  • Need to head to Ikea to buy more shelves, ran out of space ><
  • Poor again, RIP bank account and wallet
  • Addiction to BBW continues
  • Muscle pains from lugging around bags of books in both hands without a trolley

My conclusion? Will rinse and repeat in a couple of days. Gotta stock up for the next 3 months. What can I say? I’m a fast reader.