By Yasmin Newman

The internet today supplies us with the most up-to-date trends. Best of all, it brings us the craziest of beauty trends around the world and it seems that the stranger they are, the more popular they are:

1)    Let’s talk brows:

Feather brows. Credit: Marie Claire

Thick and full eyebrows are the in thing now, and soon after that, Squiggle brows occurred on instagram. As if that wasn’t weird enough, just take a look at all the other brow trends that have emerged.

We already have the squiggle brows, but what emerged out of that is just too extra. I’ll stick to those thick very normal like eyebrows when I walk on the street. This is what happens when instagram overlaps reality!

Lazada Malaysia

2)    Alien EVERYTHING.


Lazada Indonesia

Everything seems so brash and bold now with this new trend coming in. People seem to be covered from head to toe in glitter! I wouldn’t be surprised if they bathed in glitter!

Love the unicorn look but this is starting to get ridiculous to wear in In your everyday life. That must be irritating to come off your skin when you’re ready to get into bed after looking cute for a long day.



I applaud how people manage to do lip art, because lip art probably requires a lot of patience.

The 90’s Gwen Stefani dark lip liner look is coming back, but this is taking that concept to a whole new level. I love the look of Geodes and I’ve seen it on nails, but …this is pretty mindblowing.

4)    Someone tell me this is one of those “clothes you only see on the runway but never see in real life store” kind of thing?

Its pretty weird to see clear plastic in replacement of the ripped jeans look but perhaps designers are looking for a way for people in Antarctica to experience them? I mean at least you are not being hit with frost bite as these plastic designs cover your knee caps if you get what I’m saying.

To make things worse…Now you can unzip your pant legs to a bikini line fit.  I don’t know about you but that’s pretty scandalous.

5)    Wokay, I love that the designer is thinking outside of the box but perhaps this might sort of be a bit impractical. But if you wanna wear it you do you boo!

What are we going to have next? Digital nails? I somehow think that it’s doable with all the technology today.

6)    Please this trend CAN’T COME BACK. Even if they look fancier!

Supposedly, models do look good in anything they wear.. but I feel as though it still belongs more towards young children and not adults.  

Its pretty debatable because if you take a look at Christopher Kane’s new take on crocs…they look pretty decent. What do you think?

7)    I feel as if this topic is a 50% yes and 50% no.

Body hair is acceptable, but it depends on the individual itself. There’s no issue to feel comfortable in your own skin. But some people prefer the ‘no body hair’ look relatively towards feeling comfortable without it.

Either way it is a shocking turn of trends as seen on instagram that people are now DYEING their body hair for an aesthetic look.

8)    Tudungs are now finding new ways to create different looks for Muslimah’s out there.  Introducing the new feather tudung!

Probably the best thing about wearing a tudung is having the ability to feel comfortable and not have hair flying all over your face. But this really defeats the purpose! Although I do think this has a somewhat an aesthetic look to it, many girls go through lengths to thread off facial hair, only to wear this tudung that have feathers that brush around your face?

9)    Okay, I love Nora Danish. She looks gorgeous wearing that tudung: however, I do think that it’s functionality of being able to zip up your face is super hilarious as well as inconvenient! Especially if you cannot see out of it! Perhaps Nora Danish has modeled of this trend as a troll?

Just take a look at this parody of the zip shawl! I prefer this look instead of the look Nora Danish pulled of. I mean, it has two functionalities! A shawl AND a handbag 😉

What do you think of some of these trends? Are they beautiful but impractical? Are they socially acceptable? Let me know in the comments!